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Over the past two decades, we have treated several thousands of employees and members of over 80 organizations to lose weight, stop tobacco smoking, and to relieve stress using hypnotherapy.

If you want the names of some of those organizations to whom New Life Clinics Charitable Trust™ provided group, clinical hypnotherapy to their employees and dependents, see the list below. We think you’ll be impressed.

We are an authority on clinical hypnosis. Our hypnosis is endorsed and requested nationwide. When an organization or company wants only the best hypnotherapy for their people, they ask for New Life Clinics Charitable Trust. 

Disclosure: The Professional Endorsements  listed are organizations whose employees and members received, free from charge, New Life Clinics’ weight reduction and stop smoking hypnotherapy. These services were “granted” (gifted) to the organizations listed but are not a non-government grant to a government organization. No formal grant or grant document was offered or provided. Only our publicly-funded (via donations from the public) free services were offered by New Life Clinics Charitable Trust and accepted by those listed in our References on this site. These references did not apply for a grant from the Trust. It was the Trust that offered its free hypnotherapy services to the references listed and subsequently gifted to their employees and members which they accepted.  Every reference below identified by an image of its business or organization’s logo represents that company’s employees or organization’s members to whom our hypnotherapists and doctors of clinical hypnotherapy administered Stop Smoking and Weight Loss hypnotherapy. Said logos do not specify or imply any results of the hypnotherapy administered to said employees or members. Copies of testimonial letters and letters of endorsement posted below do not assure you of the same result(s) expressed in them by our clients. YOUR RESULT(S) MAY VARY FROM THOSE EXPERIENCED BY OUR CLIENTS.

Professional Endorsements

Letters From Clients

Certificates of Appreciation

Here are some great testimonials

Dear Dr. Bob,
Recently I celebrated my four-year non-smoking anniversary. Your methods really helped me when I believed there was no way I could adopt a smoke-free lifestyle. I give thanks every day for this freedom. Thanks Dr. Bob.
Fred Treadwell
Doctor Dean,
Thank you so much! Dr. Dean is the only one that works for me. His voice is perfect for me!
Line Marie Goulet smiling
Line Marie Goulet
Hypnotherapy changed my life - actually gave me more control and peace of mind. Best decision I ever made - thank you!
Rose Stein smiling with a male child smiling
Rose Stein

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