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This is your Dream Date  

Hi, I’m Dr. Dean. If you are a man, be advised this session is only for a woman’s pleasure.


This is the perfect hypnosis session for a woman who loves life, surprises, and adventure. This Dream Date Hypnosis session hypnotizes you to experience (in your mind) the ultimate “dream date”. During the session, it will all seem real to you and, oh my, will you have fun! Wow!  What a date!

In hypnosis you are an extremely wealthy woman. You’re in a festive party mood on your yacht with many friends. (Yes, the yacht is yours and very real while you are in hypnosis). This leads to you meeting a very attractive man during the party. This gentleman is about your age. His appearance is exactly what you like to see in a man. Attractive, sexy in just the right manner. He’s well groomed and dressed in good taste. You love his contagious, bright smile. He’s trim, healthy, masculine, well built and speaks well with a soothing tone of voice. This is an intelligent, wealthy man who seems to be full of light and life with whom you go on a dream date.

There are many more exciting, details and surprises you’ll savor during this wonderful date. Indeed some things occur which are fun, even shocking in a  sensuous but interesting way. Seriously, you’ll enjoy this luxurious fantasy whenever you are in the mood to go on a “dream date”.  Warning!…don’t let any man you know listen to this hypnosis session. He may be jealous because he won’t stand a chance competing with your dream date! Yeah, the man in your dream date is really that good.

But first, before you enjoy a fabulous date with a very special man, check us out so you’ll be comfortable being  hypnotized to enjoy this mood. Trust us, this date is going to make your day!  

Please scroll down to check out references and endorsements then you can decide if you can trust us and the man with whom you’ll date. This date is different for every woman. We know, well over a quarter of a million women have gone on their dream several times listening to this exciting hypnosis session download.  Every time you go on a date with this man, it will seem different to you. 

You’ll get only the best hypnosis! See for yourself…We come to you with over 80 major Endorsements and References

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