Dream Date

This is the perfect hypnosis session for a woman who loves life, surprises, and adventure. This Dream Date Hypnosis session hypnotizes you to fantasize about the shocking reality.

You start out as an extremely wealthy woman. You are in a festive party mood on your yacht with many friends. (Yes, the yacht is yours and it’s very real while you are in hypnosis). This leads to you meeting at the party on your yacht a very attractive man who is about your age. This is the man with whom you go on a dream date. There are many more exciting, detailed surprises you’ll savor during this wonderful date. Indeed somethings occur which are fun, even shocking at times in a  sensuous way. Seriously, you’ll enjoy this luxurious fantasy whenever you are in the mood to go on a “dream date”.  Warning!…don’t let any man you know listen to this hypnosis session. He may be jealous because he won’t stand a chance competing with your dream date! Yeah, the man in your dream date is really that good.

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This highly unusual and whispered about hypnosis session is enjoyed by a woman who knows what she wants and likes in a man for a date. This hypnosis session is talked about on social sites. It’s destined to go viral. Why? It’s simple; every woman has her own unique idea of what an amazing dream date is. Often it borders on romantic magic. This hypnosis session goes deeply into a woman’s passions. It massages her sexual libido and desire for a loving date with her idea of the perfect man. Not only is this hypnosis session exciting for an adventurous woman, it’s also extremely satisfying in many new ways that will surprise her.

No, this is not pornography. Quite frankly it’s far better in a wholesome way. That’s because you are, while in hypnosis, the star playing the leading role and relishing every moment while on this date. And, here’s the best part, since this is an audio download, you own it and can go on that date as often as you like. Each time it will seem like your first time on a dream date. Yeah, it’s that good and it never gets old!

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