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About Dr. Dean’s Dream Date Hypnosis Session

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If you are a man, be advised this hypnosis session, Dream Date is only to be listened to by an adult woman.

If you are a man, be advised this hypnosis session, Dream Date is to be listened only by an adult woman.

If you’re a woman, you’re about to go on the dream date of your life while in a state of powerful hypnosis. One last thing before you experience this date; we suggest you don’t tell your better half about it. If you do, your mate just might get a tad jealous because there is no way he can compete with the man you date on your dream date while in hypnosis.

We can’t reveal the exciting, exotic details and feelings you’ll experience. This hypnosis session will have you beautifully submerged into exciting emotions for a marvelous dating experience. And it is there everything is revealed to you.

We can tell you that when you in hypnosis you are a very wealthy woman. You at a party where you meet a single, very wealthy, extremely attractive man. We can also tell you this is not porn. It’s better, meaning it does not involve sex or romance. It’s all about how this man makes you feel and you make him feel. Trust us, you are going to love what takes place and especially how it all ends. And yes, do share this marvelous hypnosis session with your female friends.

Finally, for the record, this session will not hypnotize you to cheat or be unfaithful to your mate. It’s simply a very private experience that helps you understand yourself like you never thought possible. This is something very special that every woman should experience. Please enjoy.