Download instructions

How to find your download.

For Windows 10 & 11 Operating Systems follow steps 1 though 4 below.

For Android devices scroll down to follow steps 5 though 10.

Windows Step 1: Press and hold the (windows logo key) on the lower left of your keyboard then press the letter e key.

Windows Step 2: Release both keys.

Windows Step 3: In the open file explorer window, double click Downloads. The directory will open.

Windows Step 4: Selects and click your session(s).

Android Step 5: On your device swipe up or down to find your search bar.

Android Step 6: In the the search bar, type File Manager.

Android Step 7: Locate and click the File Manager icon. If you don’t have File Manager go to the play store, download and install it.

Android Step 8: Tap the File Manager icon.

Android Step 9: Tap the Download tab at the top of the screen.

Android Step 10: Find and tap the file you downloaded to open it.