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This website page prepared and written by Trustee, Dr. Robert W. Collins, Ph.D., C.Hth.

Can’t fall asleep?, Can’t go back to sleep? To fall asleep fast you need sleep hypnosis. When your ready, and with your permission, we will immediately download into your phone or computer Dr. Robert Dean‘s popular sleep hypnosis session for a modest, one-time $3.00 donation. BELIEVEIT!

Listened to the session “as directed” to cause luxurious, deep, complete sleep and to stay asleep all night. Over one-million people own and use this session for having trouble sleeping.

After you have donated $3.00 and downloaded the Doc’s Sleep Hypnotherapy Session, simply listen to it as directed. It’s a wonderful, soothing experience. It hypnotizes you to experience a good night of sleep. You can also listen to this Sleep hypnosis session to enjoy a nap during the day. This Sleep Hypnosis-therapy download only takes minutes to  gently put you into a luxurious, deep sleep. You’re really going to like how quick and easy it works. So, fluff up your pillow and let’s end your insomnia and sleep troubles. Seriously, over one-million people already have.

This is a sleep hypnotherapy session download that’s affordable. It calls for a $3.00 donation. It will put you to sleep by simply following Dr. Dean’s suggestions as directed. The audio directions come with the downloaded audio session. Then, the next morning, after a full night of restful sleep, you’ll realize it worked. 

Dr. Robert Dean, Ph.D. will be your hypnotherapist. When you experience his amazing hypnosis you’ll know why he is referred to by his peers as “The Keeper of Sleep Hypnotherapy” BELIEVE IT! He’s that good! We invite you to get to know him. He’s the doc who hypnotizes you to fall asleep fast and stay asleep for a luxurious full night of sleep. Click here to get Dr. Dean’s background, education, training, experience and personal information about him. He’s been in practice for over 3 decades! Experience matters. Here you get only the best. Seriously, would you have it any other way?

So, is it worth donating, one-time, three-bucks to get a good night of sleep on those nights you can’t sleep? You know, those nights when you toss and turn and your mind won’t stop rambling on. Just click your audio device, listen, and in minutes, you’ll ZZZzzz zZZZZzzz, it’s that simple. The Doc’s session is always as near as your phone or computer when needed. You’ll own this download and enjoy it for life.

This is a limited time offer! Please act now while this generous offer lasts. The net proceeds from your donation will be spent to reduce or end the suffering of people who are in a world of hurt and cannot help themselves.

We come to you with over 80 references and endorsements, click here. What you’ll see will surprise you. There is no doubt that we are America’s most trusted, successful, nonprofit hypnotherapy online clinic. And Sleep hypnosis is one of are most popular sessions.

Note: For those who use a CPAP machine to sleep, hypnosis does not take the place of a CPAP air-pressure breathing machine. The CPAP machine provides a continuous stream of air pressure to facial airways to assure the user breaths properly while sleeping. Those machines will not put you to sleep. They simply keep you breathing properly while you are asleep. Hypnosis, however, will put you to sleep if listened to as directed. Your breathing while in hypnosis should be relaxed and natural. If you’re using a CPAP machine, continue to do so until your Doctor tells you it apparently is no longer needed. It’s safe to be hypnotized while using a CPAP machine.

About Dr. Dean’s Sleep Hypnotherapy.

Dr. Dean’s “state-of-the-art Sleep Hypnotherapy immediately modifies your sleeping behavior to achieve natural sleep quickly. It removes sleep robbing stress, tension and bruxism (grinding of your teeth). It clears and calms your mind to stop its constant chattering making you toss and turn preventing you from going to sleep. Simply put, you listen to Dr. Dean’s soothing voice gently guide you into a luxurious state of hypnosis. It’s a mental state within your subconscious mind which causes you to deeply relax and quickly drift into a deep, natural sleep.

Based on your physical and mental needs, it’s common to remain asleep for six to eight hours. You control when you want to awaken by setting your alarm clock. Otherwise, you’ll remain asleep until your brain and body has experienced enough sleep after which you’ll awaken nicely refreshed.

Be advised you are always in control of yourself before, during and after Dr. Dean’s sleep hypnosis sessions. You cannot be hypnotized to do anything against your will. You are aware of everything that is said and happening before and during the hypnotic induction. While you are in hypnosis, if something disturbs you such as a person shaking you or telling you to wake up you will instantly awaken. If you hear anything that makes an unusual or loud noise or would normally disturb you, you’ll quickly awaken.

There is, to the best of our knowledge, no clinic, hypnotist, hypnotherapist or doctor that can approach these low prices and quality of sessions in this offer.  However, this is a limited time offer. It’s a charitable fundraiser. When the clinic’s Trustees see that enough donated funds have been received to meet the trust’s charitable goals, this offer will be taken off the table. Please act now while this offer lasts.

  • 3 Minutes of Instructions for proper use of your sleep Hypnosis session are to be heard before beginning the session the first time you listen to it. Please follow the instruction for your safety and to achieve a luxurious state of sleep. They are included in the download.
  • Then, when you are ready, simply relax and listen to the sleep session as directed. Enjoy!

You’ll get only the best hypnosis! See for yourself…We come to you with over 80 major Endorsements and References

Below are the 20 hypnosis sessions that I have for you to download for $3.00 each. Check them out by clicking their pictures to receive details about them. Select the ones you like, donate $3.00 for each session you want to download. We will immediately download them to your tablet, phone or computer.

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