Why you should be hypnotized to walk frequently

Don’t be surprised if your doctor hands you a prescription for walking. “It’s the closest thing he has available to him as a wonder drug,” That’s why I feature an exercise motivation hypnotherapy download audio session on New Life Clinics Charitable Trust’s website: https://newlifehypnosis.org. The fact is, walking is absolutely the best exercise we biped intelligent human creatures  can do to become and remain physically fit and healthier. And no, you don’t have to press heavy weights and live by the code, “no pain, no gain”. Just walk. That’s really all that is needed to become and remain physically fit.

Walking correctly has a lot of benefits — from weight loss to reducing cardiovascular and dementia risks — and its simplicity lends itself to all ages and all walks of life. To walk correctly, you need not speed walk or put weights on your ankles or hands. You do not have to take 10,000 steps in a day. What you do need to do is take about 2500 steps in a day which is 30 to 45 minute of medium pace walking and let the rest of your paces during the day make up 2,000 more paces to give you 4,500 paces a day. This converts you from a couch potato into an active healthy individual. So, you need not jog, or speed walk. Just walk at a medium pace for 30 to 45 minutes no less than three times per week, but preferably 6 times per week. You can walk outside (preferred)  if weather permits or on a treadmill. 

Still not convinced? Check this out. Here is TEN well researched benefits of walking:

  1. It counteracts the actions of weight-promoting genes. Harvard researchers studied obesity-promoting genes in 12,000 obese people and found that in those who walked every day, the effects of these genes were slashed in half.
  2. It reduces  your risk of cardiovascular disease. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), walking at a reasonable pace for 150 minutes a week (30 minutes a day for 5 days a week) improves blood pressure and lowers blood cholesterol levels.
  3. It causes people to live longer (that means you, too).  The AHA estimates that for every hour you walk, life expectancy for some people may increase by two hours.  That’s a profitable investment. Walk one hour and live longer for two hours. Over years of daily walks (weather permitting), one can gain years of additional, quality life.
  4. Weight bearing activity is critical for bone health. It’s called “osteogenic loading” and helps bone cells gather and absorb more calcium and other minerals to increase bone density. Walking with a wide stride helps load your bones to prevent osteoporosis. That’s why you do not need to walk fast. Just stretch those legs out and walk at a normal pace and your bones will love you for it.
  5. Walking eases anxiety and depression. A large study of Austrailian walking habits showed that moderate-intensity exercise such as walking improved the quality of life for middle-aged women.  Be advised that one in 10 U.S. adults suffers from depression, according to the CDC, and women are 70% more likely to be depressed at some point in their lives than men. As a man I can understand that. If I had to paint my face and curl my hair every day, I would be depressed, too. 😉
  6. Walking also depresses the risk of developing breast cancer. An American Cancer Society study found that women who walked seven or more hours weekly had a 14% lower risk of developing breast cancer than those who walked three hours or less. So, if you have relatives that have had or now have breast cancer, you should make it a point to walk an hour a day, outdoors, weather permitting or on a treadmill every day
  7. Would you believe walking lowers your cravings for sweets. Yep, it does. Studies from the University of Exeter revealed that a 15-minute walk can reduce cravings for chocolate and even reduce the amount of chocolate consumed when you stressed out.
  8. Walking greatly eases joint pain. The Arthritis Foundation says that walking actually supports your joints by infusing them with oxygen rich blood and other nutrients that make up the lubrication needed for smoother operating bone joints. “If you don’t walk your joints do not get enough oxygenated blood lubricant which speeds up bone joint deterioration. So, give your bone joints a nice lube job. Go for a normal 30 minute walk 3 to 6 days per week. The more you walk, the smoother your bone joints will work.
  9. It boosts brain function in those with dementia. While some studies have shown that walking helps boost creative and cognitive thinking by getting “creative juices flowing,” (those juices are really blood with a higher oxygen content) a huge study by researchers at the University of British Columbia in Canada showed that people with dementia who walked for one hour, three times a week, not only had lower blood pressure but their brains showed improvement on cognitive tests. Researchers concluded that the walkers had more efficient brains and better thinking skills than the control group.
  10. Walking does boost your immune system. According to Harvard Health, a study of over 1,000 men and women found that those who walked at least 20 minutes a day, five days a week, took 43% fewer sick days than those who exercised once a week or less.

So dear reader, get off your couch and go for a nice walk most every day. You’ll probably look and feel better, think faster, remember things better, be stronger and live longer. What’s not to like about walking? Too hot, too cold, rain or snow… then drive to a large supermarket or Walmart and take six or seven laps inside or get a treadmill, put it in front of your TV to enjoy your favorite show or catch up on the news while taking your treadmill walk.

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Doctor Bob is spied on during his first flying date!

From the days back in the 60s when I was a young “dashing Marine” and moving up into the 80’s when I was hot shot business man and airplane pilot I was grinding through life to finish school and begin a successful practice as a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy.  I managed to meet nice ladies from time-to-time and go on dates with them. Being a single guy, I enjoyed dating but not traditional dating. I preferred to date adventurous, bright, beautiful women who admired guys who were, shall I say, different (what you might call exciting). Hey, you only go around in life once, so it might as well be interesting and fun.

A friend of mine suggested I check out the Athlete’s Club. That club is sponsored by an organization that invited single people who enjoyed sports and participated in sports as athletes.  I got into the club on the pretense that I boxed all Marine – Navy while in the Marines.The club always held a dance at their facility for its members and member’s guests on Saturday night. I showed up at the club one Saturday night. I scanned the room for tables where people talked and drank health drinks. They also had a dance floor where people could dance to 80’s music. I looked for a table that had attractive woman seated at it.  Bingo! I spotted just such a table. I strolled over, sat down and introduced myself to this trio of fine looking ladies. One in particular charmed me with her smile, lovely hazel eyes and a soft voice.

Sure enough the music ended and I politely asked this lovely woman if she would like to enjoy the next dance with me. She nodded with a smile as her two girl friends looked at her like she was nuts. No doubt, they were the traditional guardians a singler gal likes to have when out on the town. 

The music started for the next dance. It was a slow dance tune. I led her to the middle of the dance floor and we embraced each other into a traditional slow dance mode and began to flow in unison with the music. We chatted as we danced. I learned that she had two children, one a teen the other younger. I indicated I liked kids (and I really do). She looked at me in amazement. She then laid her head on my shoulder as she snuggled closer while we danced. And, I’ll never forget it…she started to softly sing. Honest! The music being played was the Hermit the Frog song heard on Sesame Street. It was a love song and popular at that time. Okay, laugh, but I can tell you this woman had a beautiful voice and I was delighted to dance with her and hear her sing softly to me.

We returned to her table. I learned where she lived and her phone number.  She then stood and announced she had to go home (as did her guardian girl friends). I quickly asked her for a date to go to dinner in the next few weeks. We set the day and time and her friends, walked her out of the club’s facility. I was absolutely dumb struck. Her name was Janet Roushey. Oh!… but there’s more!

It just so happened that Mother’s Day was to occur about a week before our dinner date. So, having her address I showed up at her door with a single rose and wished her a Happy Mother’s Day. I think she liked that because she grabbed my hand and gently pulled me into her house. She introduced me to her two children.  It was a pleasant, brief visit as I didn’t want to overplay what I was up to.  I learned where she worked. Stay with me on this… the plot thickens!

I, being a former U.S. Marine, typed up TOP SECRET orders in an authentic military style. These orders were put in a manila envelope and stamped TOP SECRET sealed and addressed to her attention. I then arranged to have these orders delivered to Jann at her place of work (IBM’s Credit Union). A teller received the envelope address to Jann (TOP SECRET) and handed it to Jann in her office. She opened it. Her friends at work gathered around to see what this TOP SECRET was all about. To summarize, the order was from Fleet Marine Force, TOP SECRET MISSION. It addressed her as a Captain in the women’s Marine Corps who was ordered to participate as a spy on one Colonel, Robert Dean (yeah, that was me). She was advised that the C.I.A. had learned that  Colonial Dean was going to ask her out on a dinner date and pick her up at her residence (of course that day was the  day and time of our dinner date). Her mission, as a Woman Marine in G-2 (intelligence unit) was to learn as much as she could about Colonial Dean, even it she had to flirt with him. She was also advises that Colonial Dean was suspected as being a foreign spy. He was an airplane pilot and would likely fly her to some exotic location for dinner. Meanwhile, she was to get as much information about Colonial Dean as she could, regardless of what it would take to do so.  No doubt, her friends at work thought this was going to be one crazy date!

The day of our date finally arrived. I picked her up after work at her home and drove straight to the San Jose Airport where I had a private airplane reserved for me to fly on this date. When she realized I had parked at the private pilots parking lot at the San Jose airport, she looked concerned. She had never flown in a fixed wing private aircraft before.  I opened the car door and gave her my hand and guided her up and out of the car and walked her over to the airplane nearby. I said, we are going to fly to a very special restaurant that has a private pilot’s runway where we will land. I then opened the door to the aircraft, jumped into the pilots seat and bid that she sit on the seat next to me. I started the motor up and taxied to the runway hearing tower chatter in my earphones. I took off and watched Jann’s face as we climbed towards the clouds. It was dark then and the ground lights beneath were beautiful as the engine roared loudly pulling us up into a star lit sky. From this point on, Jann was the Women Marine Captain disguised in civilian clothing and I was a suspected rogue Marine Colonel spying on the U.S. Government for a foreign country.  Her mission was to spy on me at dinner and report to the fleet Marine Force the next day what intelligence she could gather form Colonial Dean. The contact phone number for her to call was, in reality, my private phone number.

The conversation in the plane was kept to a light conversation until I made the landing approach at the restaurant’s landing runway.  I touched down, taxied and parked the plane. I could sense how amused Jann was via her facial expressions. She was having the time of her life and I loved it. She played her spying roll beautifully as did I.

I walked her into the restaurant and was escorted by the hostess to a reserved table. Jann and I talked. We laughed like kids. Jann had a Bailey’s Irish Cream (I didn’t have a drink because I had to fly us back). The steak dinner was delicious. We both played spies with great imagination and funny drama.

As it turned out, it began to rain quite hard. We finished our meal and desert.  It was getting late and we both needed to get back home. Jann was beautifully dressed, high heels and all and I had on a very nice suit and tie. To get to the plane, we had to run about 30 yards in a rain downpour  to where the plane was parked. We got soaking wet, running and laughing all the way. Wow! What a woman! Great sense of humor, fun, and oh, so beautiful even when dripping wet.

We got into the plane. I started it up and took off with the heater wide open to warm us up and dry us off. After 15 minutes the clouds began to clear and we saw a field on fire below. That’s when I told Jann, “you light my fire”. She blushed. Minutes later we could see the Bay Area lights in the distance breaking through the clouds as we approached San Jose. I called the tower requesting to land and was cleared to approach the runway. I called the tower and advised I had a beautiful blond on board and to please “kill the rabbit”. I then gently set the plane down at 70 knots with full flaps down. The tower killed the rabbit. That’s a pilot’s slang that tells the tower to turn up the runway lights to full brightness and switch into strobe pattern. At night, it is quite a light show. Jann was impressed. The landing was perfect. I parked the plane. I took Jann home and kissed her goodnight. Oh my, our first kiss after which she said, not bad for a Marine Colonial. We both laughed. I felt electrified. To detail an amazing courtship and engagement I’ll save for future articles. For now, know that we fell in love with each other on our first dream date and have remained in love with each other for over 35 years.  Sometimes a guy really lucks out. Nine months after that date, I married Jann, the girl of my dreams.

 website: newlifehypnosis.org


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Why you may want to be a Vegan

Most of my clients during my career as a hypnotherapist and later as a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy were hypnotized to reduce weight. Since the majority of the U.S. population is overweight, that makes sense.  As for me, I struggled most all of my adult life to remain trim and “walk-the-talk” .  The struggling stopped when I began to learn about how meat, foul and fish and their byproducts are processed for human consumption.

All animal products are sold by weight or volume. For instance, a bull or pig that weighs more brings in more money for the rancher as red meat is sold by its weight.  Eggs are sold in volume and size by farmers. The more eggs a chicken can lay, and of a greater size brings in more money for the farmer.  A cow that can produce more milk brings in more money to the dairy farmer. And a gallinaceous bird raised for its flesh such as a turkey, rooster or hen fetches more money for the farmer when fatter and heavier

Here is the problem. As an example,  if a rancher raises his cattle on grass and fresh hay and corn and other grains, that bull will eventually reach 2400 pounds and a cow 1400 pounds.  If that same bull or cow is fed cattle feed and corn that has been treated with growth hormones that causes the bull or cow  to get fatter, faster, that bull could come in at 2800 pounds and the cow a few hundred pounds heavier, too. Since the rancher is paid for the weight of the cattle he sells for slaughter it is financially rewarding to use hormones to make the cattle grow faster, and get fatter.

The same holds true for pigs, gallinaceous birds (chickens, hens, turkeys, etc.) and even fish in fish farms such as salmon and trout.  Now think about this. If animals sold for slaughter to meatpacking houses are loaded with hormones to be fatter, heavier then what are those hormones doing to your body when they end up in your body. We are talking about animals, foul and fish meat plus milk, cheese, and eggs.

Understand that slaughtering the animal does not remove those hormones in its flesh. Butchering that flesh does not remove those growth hormones either. Finally, cooking that flesh does not remove those hormones. So, when you eat processed animal flesh that is NOT ORGANIC, you will have growth hormones in your body which are going to do to you what they did to the animal flesh you eat… make you fatter and heavier!

If you look at old movies dating back into the 30’s and 40’s, you’ll notice that most people were trim. Hormones were not used in those days to fatten animals for slaughter. Also, people ate less meat in those days, too. Today, most people eat meat daily. Therefore, they are loading up on hormones and it shows. Go into any mall or a place where lots of people gather and you’ll see, in America, a lot of overweight people (the vast majority).

When you look at people who have a low meat intake such as orientals in China, Japan, and Indians in India, you can clearly see that the vast majority of their population are thin. They do not consume meat with growth hormones in it unless they eat a western diet (McDonalds hamburgers, etc.).  Meat in those countries is reserved for special occasions and in moderation because it is expensive. 

So, what can you do about this. Hey! That’s simple! Stop eating all animal flesh and its byproducts (milk, cheese, egs, etc.) or buy meat, eggs and dairy products that are ORGANIC and certified as such on their packaging by a recognized organization which certifies the product is pure and organic (such as grass fed beef, range free chickens that are fed insects and hormone free grain and ditto for the eggs hens lay and fish not raised in a fish farm (must be fresh water caught fish).

The clients I have counseled on this matter who did convert to eating a plant based diet and holding their flesh intake to range fed chicken and fresh water caught fish in moderation experienced huge losses in weight if they were obese. They also experienced a greater energy level, a reduced appetite, better vision, slept better, clearer thinking, and much better digestion.  They also reduced their food bill significantly because meat is expensive when compared to plant based food.

As for me, I too experienced the above improvements and no longer struggle with remaining trim. In fact, I eat five times daily (3 regular meals and 2 snacks) all raw plant based food. I make it a point to keep my 2 snacks confined to fresh fruit of different colors and my main meals to be a combination of five different colors.  This assures me that I am getting all the nutrients my body needs other than vitamin B-12. That vitamin is only found in animal flesh or in a vitamin pill. I buy vitamin B-12, 30 tablets for about $4.00 at my local health food store which certifies its ingredients to be organic.  I only take one of those tablets per week because that is all the vitamin B-12 I need. You body makes all the vitamins it needs except for vitamin B-12. However, I do recommend you take a high quality, potent multivitamin daily. My reasoning for that is todays plant based food is mostly grown in soil that has been overworked. That means crops of vegetables and fruit grown in soil that is not enriched with organic fertilizer and minerals which plants draw from when they grow and remains in their stems, leaves and cores.

If, however, you purchase plant based food that is organic, you do not need to take a multiple vitamin as that food has plenty of minerals and vitamins in it because the soil in which the food was grown is rich in minerals and vitamins.

Sometimes I revert to only one or two meals per day and no snacks for two to five days. This is a semi fast which is good for a human when done in moderation and occasionally. These semifasts never cause me to feel hungry. They also increase my level of energy. However, I do not think it wise to semi-fast for more than a week.

I know where from I speak. I am 76 years old and am in excellent health with a high level of mental and physical energy. My blood pressure is low by all standards.  I take no medications. When you eat a plant based diet, your consumption of fat is pretty much confined to avocados and nuts which I consume in moderation. A regular diet low in fat forces your body to burn the fat on your body for your energy needs. If you eat fat, your body will first use the fat you eat for energy before it will use fat on your body for energy. So, don’t eat fat and you’ll burn fat off your body rapidly and safely and you will not gain fat back unless you start consuming fat in your daily diet. 

As for protein…everyone has this old wives tale that we need protein daily. When quizzed as to why they believe this, they have no answer other than they think one needs protein to survive. The truth is you DO need protein during the years you are growing. Once growth stops, you have very little need for a lot of protein. There is enough protein in plant based foods to give you all the protein you need. In fact, some leafy vegetables, beans and nuts  have more protein in them then flesh!  Consider when a bull eats grass and corn it is eating a plant based diet. In turn, you eat that animal. The protein you get from that animal comes from the plant based food the animal ate. I think it is better to get protein straight from the plant food rather than being processed through an animal which one eats.

Here is the real problem. The vast majority of Amerians and Europeans are programmed from babies on up to eat meat. You can buy baby food composed of meat ground into a paste and sold in jars. When you get teeth adequate to chew meat with, your caretaker or parent fed you animal products such a flesh, milk, eggs, and butter.  Meat being the central portion of one’s meal gets a lot of attention. We barbeque meat and purchase expensive barbeque appliances to cook it. We have contests where the winner cooks the best tasting meat such as a barbeque. We use meat to flavor many products such as soup. It is difficult to buy a ready made frozen dinner without it containing flesh. So, flesh eating societies are subconsciously programmed from infancy on up to consume flesh frequently.  Consequently, the idea of not eating meat and its byproducts  (eggs and dairy) is repulsive. People object to it and think it is not possible to live on a plant based diet and how deprived they would feel like doing so.

All I can say is you must try it. It takes about a week to get used to eating most everything you like except flesh and its byproducts. Once that initial week has gone by and you remained a faithful vegan or vegetarian, and knowing what meat does to your body via its hormones, you find yourself quite comfortable being free from flesh consumption.

Since most plant based food is delicious and good for you in its raw form (such as carrots, lettuce, oranges, apples, etc.), a vegan’s diet is mostly raw (not cooked).  This means the average meals takes about 4 to 7 minutes to prepare because no cooking is required. One also saves in natural gas or electricity normally used to cook food. Also, there are no bad food odors in your home. No smoke from cooked meat and less dishes to wash and no pots or pans to clean.

Since veggies and fruit are mostly low in calories, one can eat all the plant based food they want during each meal and not concern themselves with gaining weight. They will, in fact lose excess weight because the body goes after the fat on your body to burn for energy.

Fructose sugar is found in certain fruits. Some fruits have excessively high levels of sugar which should only be eaten in moderation such as watermelon and bananas and not at all for weight loss. That’s why I recommend one eats fruit for snacks like an apple or an orange. If one eats food with processed sugar in it (which is the vast majority of canned and boxed (processed) food in your market today, the body will burn that sugar before it will burn the fat on your body for energy. This leaves your fat on your body and you don’t lose weight. Consequently, you will have difficulty losing body fat or remaining trim if you consume high levels of sugar based, processed products.

So avoid sugar and fat, eat only moderate amounts of protein and eat all the carbohydrate food you want. All plant based food is a carbohydrate. The low carb diets out there are not good for your brain and energy level. Your body needs carbohydrates to function and remain healthy. To restrict carbohydrates in your diet will cause temporary weight loss. However, that restriction is not good for your brain. Your brain is 90% fat. (So, as an aside here, if anyone ever calls you a fat head, you can happily agree with them). Your brain’s primary fuel to function comes from carbohydrates. If you restrict carbs, your brain lacks what it needs and your thinking clearly suffers from it. 

To make your meals more tasty with great variety, you can cook most any vegetable in a microwave to make it softer and hot. Takes only a minute or two. As for variety, there are well over a hundred different plant based foods you can eat. Just go to a well stocked produce section in a large supermarkets organic section and you have whole cornucopia of delicious food to select from. Then, you can combine those plant based foods to make delicious meals. For instance, I use lentil soup as a topping on shredded, hot potatoes.

To lose weight, you should not eat bread. Bread is not a plant based food. What about the wheat from which it is made. Once you take that wheat and grind it and process and add processed ingredients into it and bake it, you no longer have a natural food. It is a processed food with sugar, and other ingredients in it which your body burns for energy before it will burn the fat off of your body, therefore, leaving you overweight. So, bread keeps people fat or makes them fatter.  If you like bread (and who doesn’t) and you do not need to lose weight, then enjoy bread that is certified as organic. Eat only one slice a day and you’ll be okay.

To learn about true veganism and its numerous benefits to you, I suggest you visit www.drmcdougall.com.  Dr. McDougall is the doc who turned me around and got me to be a vegan. The recipes, and large variety of wonderful food with very few modest restrictions is amazing. Watch and listen to his lectures on his website. It will, I promise, blow your mind when you learn all the facts about this important subject. Remember, you are what you eat!

If you choose to remain a meat eater, do so in moderation. No more than 4 ounces of fish or foul (swims or flies) once a day at most and it must be organic (no hormones) and if fish, caught in fresh water such as streams and lakes (not a fish farm). I do not recommend any ocean based fish. The crap and corruption in the sea which fish are exposed can make fish unhealthy to eat. Also, understand, if you choose to remain a flesh eater (carnivorous) it is primarily because you have been programmed by those who raised you to be that way. I would like to think that if they knew what you know now, they would have raised you as a vegan or vegetarian.

A vegan eats only plant based food. They never eat animal flesh or its byproducts such as dairy, eggs, etc. A fish, cow, bull, and bird is an animal. A vegetarian eats plant based food plus, in moderation, organic animal byproducts such as dairy (cheese, butter) and eggs.

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Can You Be Hypnotized

People are naturally susceptible to hypnosis. That’s because people go into a hypnotic state several times daily and are not aware of it. For instance, when you tie your shoes, you don’t think about it. You just tie them. That’s because you learned to tie your shoes when you were young and your subconscious mind took that knowledge and stored it for future use. Thereafter, you had no need to figure out how to tie your shoes. You just do, while at the same time you can be thinking about something else using your conscious mind.  It’s a fact the vast majority of things you do daily is carried out automatically by your subconscious mind. For instance, you are breathing right now but not thinking how to breath. How to breath is in your subconscious mind which operates your brain which operates your autonomic nervous system that makes you breath. If you were driving down a freeway in deep thought and missed your turnoff, you were in a state of hypnosis. You were so deep into a trance like thought you became oblivious to your turnoff and zoomed right past it. When you type on your laptop or smartphone, you don’t think about it. You just do. Ditto, if you play the piano or anything that seems to be  automatic and requires no conscious thought on your part to achieve.

In theory, every normal person could be hypnotized under proper conditions by an experienced hypnotherapist. In actual practice, however, a small percentage of people cannot be induced into a hypnotic trance.  While there are some people who enter a very deep trance very quickly on the first induction, others—even those willing to be hypnotized—may only reach a light trance on repeated attempts at hypnosis.

Although susceptibility to hypnosis seems to be a natural characteristic of people it may be neutralized in many ways. If a physician suggest hypnotherapy to his patient suffering from chronic stress, the patient will usually show a great desire to be hypnotized; he wishes to end his stress and the doctor has legitimized hypnosis to accomplishthat. Yet despite being highly motivated, the subject may not be susceptible to hypnosis. On the other hand, a hypnotizable person who is forced into therapy by a member of his family or a friend but is not willing to relinquish his habit (for instance, smoking), may not be hypnotized. The former (who is consciously willing to be hypnotized but is not hypnotizable) is described as a consciously willing but is an unconsciously unwilling client. The latter (who is unwilling to be hypnotized but if found to be hypnotizable) is described as consciously unwilling but unconsciously willing client.

Therefore, it can be said that the most significant factor in susceptibility to hypnosis is the motivation to be hypnotizable. Over-cooperativeness and over-anxiousness to be hypnotized, however, are counterproductive and make a hypnotic trance difficult to reach. An unconscious motivation to be hypnotized may be stronger than the conscious will to resist hypnosis. For this reason, if a person consciously resists hypnosis, he will finally find it difficult to stay awake and will drift into the hypnotic trance (The Law of Reversed Effect).

But passive subjects are clearly the most easily hypnotized. Clinical studies of susceptibility to hypnosis have been contradictory and are therefore unreliable. From the results of thousands of reported cases we can, however, make a rough estimate that about 5 to 20 percent of people reach the deepest hypnotic  depth and that about  5 to 20 percent are not at all susceptible to hypnosis. The remaining 60 to 90 percent are said to be capable of entering a light to medium state of hypnosis which is more than adequate to achieve meaningful self-improvements such a weight loss, quitting smoking, ending sleep deprivation, etc.

For a more detailed and concrete analysis of proneness to hypnosis, the above figures may be examined along with other demographic facor, such as age, sex, intelligence, occupation and personality.


In general, children under six or seven years old are difficult subjects because of their poor understanding of both language and verbal induction procedures. Conversely, seniors over age 75 are difficult to hypnotize, however, I have hypnotized people over 80 with complete success.


Sparing you, dear reader of all the doctor Latin talk, simply put women are not more susceptible  to hypnosis than men. It is true that women seem to be a bit more trusting than men (mostly curious) and due to their gender experiences tend to be more relaxed, cooperative and submissive to suggestions and, therefore, many people believe women are more susceptible to hypnosis. The hypnotherapists and doctors of clinical hypnotherapy on my staff, since 1993 have hypnotized over one and one half million people in private, and  group hypnotherapy sessions and via audio downloads. It is our combined experience and consensus that men are equal to women when it comes to susceptibility to hypnosis.


I have found, generally speaking, the more intelligent a person is, the more susceptible they are to achieving a deep state of hypnosis rapidly . Bright people do very well with hypnosis. People who have an extremely low I.Q. score cannot achieve a state of hypnosis. The reason for this is simple, they can’t stay focused on what I’m saying or simply do not understand me. Also people who are mentally challenged, feeble  minded, imbeciles, morons, paranoids, and senile persons cannot be successfully hypnotized.  In summary, people with a real intellectual deficiency make poor hypnotic subjects.  If you know you are intelligent but cannot achieve a state of hypnosis, there is likely to be an underlying psychological reason such as subconscious resistance which must be discussed between you and your hypnotherapist to remedy.


People who have an occupation that requires a routine function are more susceptible to hypnosis. People who are accustomed to issuing orders such as military officers seem more difficult to hypnotize. This does not mean one cannot be hypnotized if in a leadership, managerial or a commanding occupation. I personally stood on a stage at the San Francisco Police Department in an auditorium filled with over 300 police officers and successfully hypnotized all of them as a group at the same time for weight reduction and tobacco smoking cessation.


Folks who are introverts are slightly more susceptible to hypnosis than extroverts. Extroverts tend to analyze the therapist and then the hypnotherapy induction. It is absolutely impossible to achieve a state of hypnosis while at the same time one is in a state of analysis. So, extroverts sometimes, while being hypnotized, analyze the therapist, then try to determine if they can be hypnotized or if they are in hypnosis. Since hypnosis, in and by itself, can’t be felt, all that is achieved is a failure in hypnotherapy for the analytical subject. However, due to some occupations such as engineers, computer programmers, scientists, etc., sometimes they have difficulty being hypnotized because they, by their nature, tend to analyze what is going on before they will follow the therapist’s suggestions and directions. People who are mentally balanced and well adjusted make excellent subjects for hypnotherapy and do extremely well with hypnosis.

 website: newlifehypnosis.org

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Stopping colds and flu dead in their tracks!

The flu is a viral infection caused by the influenza virus, a respiratory virus. The common cold is a viral infection caused by the adenovirus or coronavirus and there are many, many subsets with a lot of variability. … Colds tend to produce runny nose, congestion, sore throat and are a miserable experience. The flu is often worse and has, historically, killed millions of people. It is the 6th leading cause of death for senior citizens. Thousands of children die from the flu annually, too.

  • 5% to 20% — Percent of the U.S. population will get the flu, on average, each year.
  • 200,000 — Americans are hospitalized each year because of problems caused by the flu.
  •  3,000 to 49,000 — people die each year from flu-related causes in the U.S.

Clients have asked me to hypnotize them to relieve cold and flu discomfort. While that can be done in a private hypnosis session, I prefer that clients who are infected with an influenza virus or cold virus seek stress relief and relief from physical discomfort by downloading my stress relief and my common discomfort relief hypnotherapy sessions and listen to them as directed. Temporary relief is quick and comforting. And, if a bad cold or painful flu keeps one from sleeping, I advise they listen to my sleep hypnotherapy session which puts them to sleep quickly all night, every night.  Plenty of sleep and rest shortens the life of a cold and the flu.

There are many different types of adenovirus and coronavirus strains. If you are infected by any one of these strains, it causes you to experience a different kind of cold. Different meaning different from the last cold or flu that you can remember. The good news is once you have been infected, suffered through the cold symptoms and the cold has ended, you are immune to that kind of cold virus you experienced and it will most likely not be able to infect you again. Don’t rejoice just yet. Like I said, there are many different types of cold germs, hence different kinds of colds which you are not, at this time, immune to. That’s why you have, during your life, experienced a cold that caused undesirable symptoms in your chest, then a cold in your  nose, then one in your  throat and another in your eyes.  Since you are not immune to every kind of cold and flu virus out there, what can you do to prevent being infected by a cold or flu virus?

First, keep your cotton pick’n hands away from your face… especially your food, nose, mouth and eyes. Don’t eat food with your fingers. Use a fork or spoon to eat with. Your hands can easily become contaminated with cold or flu germs simply by touching something that a person who has a cold or the flu has touched within the past 24 hours. Then, without thinking, you later reach up and rub your eyes or nose or eat something using your fingers and bingo, you’re infected!  In 10 days or so, you will come down with a cold or the flu and suffer 10 more days while your immune system kills off the infecting virus.

Most colds and flu are passed on from human to human via body contact or a virus contaminated item. Shaking hands, cuddling, kissing, hugging, sneezing, sexual activity and coughing make perfect bridges for germs to go from an infected person to you. Here is the bad part. The person with whom you are shaking hands may appear not infected with a cold or flu virus because he/she just got it within the past 24 hours and are not aware of it. However, the virus is now on your hand and your hand will eventually end up on your food, eye, nose or mouth and you start to feel sick in a day or two.  So, what to do? Be careful. If you know a person has a cold or the flu, stay away from them. If they sneeze in your vicinity, the virus from their cold or flu sprays via liquid droplets through the air for several feet. You breath in that virus and, once again, you are ill a few days later and will suffer for about 5 to 7 more days.

If a person has to be near you that has a cold, ask that person to sneeze or cough into their sleeve or a handkerchief or to wear a medical ear hook mask over their nose/mouth like nurses and medical doctors wear while involved in a surgical procedure. 

The Japanese, Chinese and other orientals commonly wear such masks when they have a cold so they will not infect others. This is an intelligent courtesy. These ear hook cloth masks are found in drugstores and do not cost much. I might add, being on a commercial airplane full of passengers is a cold/flu incubator. Do put on an ear hook mask to protect yourself from infection. All it takes is one person who is infected to sneeze within 10 feet of you and those within that range will likely catch the sneezer’s cold. The ear hook mask will filter out the floating virus so it cannot enter your body. Hey! It’s only for the flight duration and while you are in crowded areas of the airport. And, that sure beats suffering from the flu or a cold.

You hear every year its the cold or flu season (usually in the winter). Such is nonsense. You can catch a cold or the flu at any time. Weather seasons have little to do with colds and flu. What makes winter seem like it is a cold season is simple to understand. Most people stay indoors in the winter because it’s cold outside. Staying indoors does not cause a cold or the flu. However, if there are people indoors around you who do have a cold or the flu, you are at a greater risk of being contaminated by their cold/flu virus. Cold and flu viruses thrive in a cozy warm temperature (such as being indoors in the winter time). The infected person is touching many things you may also have to touch (a door knob, toilet flush lever, faucet handle, inkpen, furniture, cabinet doors, dishes, etc.). If you think your hands have been contaminated, disinfect them with a hand sanitizer. Don’t wipe off the sanitizer after applying it. Let it air dry. It needs to dry on your hands to kill 99% of the virus.


When it comes to colds and flu, nothing beats scrubbing your hands with soap and water for 15 to 20 seconds to remove viruses. Scrub every individual finger, thumb, back of your hands and the palms, plus your wrists. Yeah, I know, it seems like overkill, but it’s only overkill for the virus bugs so they can’t mess you up.  Be advised that a hand sanitizer is no better than thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water for 15 seconds followed by a thorough rinse.

As a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, I, and my staff of hypnotherapists and doctors at New Life Clinics Charitable Trust has hypnotized thousands of people to lose weight. We have discovered, over the years that when our clients eat the food we recommend during our weight loss hypnotherapy sessions, clients do not complain about having a cold or the flu. They go years and years cold and flu free as long as they eat in accordance with the suggestive eating behavior and type of food during the hypnosis session. Therefore, focus primarily on eating a plant based diet. If you must eat meat, do so in moderation and only if it flies or swims. (Cattle do not fly or swim).  Eat 3 main meals and 2 snacks every day. This has you eating every 3 hours you are awake. Eat only food that grows out of the ground, off a bush, tree or vine. Eat at least five different colors of vegetables and fruit daily. Go for orange and yellow veggies and fruits because they have the highest level of vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene which are symptom beating antioxidants.  The end result is your immune system will be stronger to kill an invading virus before it can do harm to you. You will also lose weight if you are overweight and/or maintain your weight and remain trim.

If you ever do catch a cold or the flu, hot chicken soup is great! The steam that comes up from the hot soup as you spoon it into your mouth clears your nose and throat.

Blow your nose often. Every time you do, the mucus you are blowing out is taking out a huge number of germs in it which will reduce the time it takes for your cold or flu to end.

Hot tea tends to relieve congestion. Green and black tea have an antii-viral effect. It works as an anti-inflammatory which shrinks inflamed tissue in your throat to help prevent or relieve a sore throat.

Some folks will tell you that orange juice is good to rid you of a cold because of the vitamin C in it. Once again, nonsense! Orange juice is loaded in sugar (with no or little pulp) and will simply cause weight gain. There is no solid medical proof that Vitamin C cures a cold. The fact is, nothing cures a cold. Once you get one, you have to let it run its course while your immune system goes about killing it off. It’s much easier to avoid getting a cold by following the aforementioned tips.

Vitamin D and Zinc do reduce the number of days you’ll suffer with a cold. Vitamin D is the “sunshine” vitamin which viruses cannot live with. That’s why there are fewer colds in the summertime. People are outside more in the sunshine which kills off viruses before they can make them seriously sick. Zinc, when in contact with the virus, cuts off the virus’ oxygen and it suffercates to death.  Over the counter pills used to shorten the length of a cold are very effective and highly recommended. They also are low in cost. Their primary ingredient is zinc. Zinc is also available as a mineral tablet in most health food stores, supermarkets and on Amazon.com.

Finally, colds and influenza cause a great deal of mucus to be secreted in your nose and throat, chest and lungs. You will sneeze and cough runny, sticky mucus up and out of you frequently while undergoing recovery from that infection.  That’s how your body gets rid of much of the virus infection. This will dehydrate you. You need more water based liquids to speed up your recover from a cold or the flu and to remain safely hydrated. Pure water is best. However decaffeinated tea and coffee plus fresh, raw vegetables (salad) and fruit are all good sources to sufficiently hydrate your body.

Get an annual flu shot to be immune to the strain of flu most likely could infect you at that time.  These inoculations are generally free. Call your city or county Department of Health for advice as to where you can go to be inoculated.

 website: newlifehypnosis.org

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When you “kick the bucket”, you won’t be alone!

In fact, a whole bunch of people will be standing in line ahead of you and many more behind you. Keep in mind when you die, it is your body that dies and eventually returns to the elements from which it is made (dust).  However, you, your mind matrix, memories, your personality, your very soul, everything that makes you who and what you are that is of survival value does survive and you continue on to learn, experience and grow. You truly are an eternal being provided you choose to survive after mortal death. If you don’t, it’s as if you never existed. So, the choice is yours because you have free agency to choose or reject the way it is after you leave our crazy planet for good. 

These facts I learned long ago, got me thinking. There is a lot of folks on our planet and none of them are going to survive as biped creatures (humans) for ever. Everyone does go through the “technique of death” sooner or later. Then I thought about the massive number of people on our planet and wondered how many die and how many are born every second of every day infinitum.

As doctors at New Life Clinics Charitable trust we are all about saving lives. We receive donations from the public to provide an exquisite hypnotherapy website. We also fund the  feeding of hungry children, relieve the homeless from suffering, hypnotize thousands of people annually to stop smoking, reduce weight and achieving other major health improvements, etc.). Since it is our function to save lives, I wanted to know how many lives there are to save and how many don’t make it on our world. So, I did some research and what I dug up is shocking.  Strap yourself in, this article is going to really amaze you!

According to the United Nations World Population Prospects report, approximately 7,452 people die every day in the United States. In other words, a person dies in the US approximately every 12 seconds.Mar 5, 2018

The World Health Organization reported in October 2002 that a person is murdered every 60 seconds. An estimated 520,000 people were murdered in 2000 around the globe.

According to a recent study by Johns Hopkins, more than 250,000 people in the United States die every year because of medical mistakes, making it the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. Since I’m a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and not a medical doctor, I can’t be blamed for a “medical” mistake because that kind of doctor does not practice medicine. We practice Hypnotherapy which has never caused a person to die. It cannot kill anyone. It’s safe, and that’s one of many reasons why I chose to be that kind of doctor and not be involved in the field of medicine.

Overall, more than 2.8 million Americans died in 2017, about 70,000 more than in 2016.

The reports noted that heart disease, cancer, unintentional injuries, chronic lower respiratory diseases and stroke remained the leading

causes of U.S. deaths.Nov 29, 2018

In 2017, the 10 leading causes of death (heart disease, cancer, unintentional injuries, chronic lower respiratory diseases, stroke, Alzheimer disease, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, kidney disease, and suicide) remained the same as in 2016.Nov 29, 2018

Meat, especially beef, will become prohibitively expensive in the future, experts say. It simply takes too much water to grow a steak. In a new report, leading water scientists say the human population would have to switch to an almost entirely vegetarian diet by 2050 to avoid catastrophic global food and water shortages. That’s not a problem for my wife and I as we are strict vegans.

2019 World Population by Country. As of February 2019, the total population of the world exceeds 7.71 billion people, and this number is continuing to grow each day. However, in some areas, growth is slowing or even declining. China is the most populous country in the world with a population exceeding 1.4 billion people.

The following 50 cities have the highest murder rates in the world of all cities not at war, with a population of at least 300,000 people, and all relevant data available online.

RankCityCountryHomicides (2017)Population (2017)Homicides per 100,000 per year
1Los Cabos Mexico365328,245111.33
2Caracas Venezuela3,3873,046,104111.19
3Acapulco Mexico910853,646106.63
4Natal Brazil1,3781,343,573102.56
5Tijuana Mexico1,8971,882,492100.77
6La Paz Mexico259305,45584.79
7Fortaleza Brazil3,2703,917,27983.48
8Ciudad Victoria Mexico301361,07883.32
9Ciudad Guayana Venezuela728906,87980.28
10Belém Brazil1,7432,441,76171.38
11Vitória da Conquista Brazil245348,71870.26
12Culiacán Mexico671957,61370.10
13St. Louis United States205311,40465.83
14Maceió Brazil6581,029,12963.94
15Cape Town South Africa2,4934,004,79362.25
16Kingston Jamaica7051,180,77159.71
17San Salvador El Salvador1,0571,789,58859.06
18Aracaju Brazil560951,07358.88
19Feira de Santana Brazil369627,47758.81
20Ciudad Juárez Mexico8141,448,85956.16
21Baltimore United States341614,66455.48
22Recife Brazil2,1803,965,69954.96
23Maturín Venezuela327600,72254.43
24Guatemala City Guatemala1,7053,187,29353.49
25Salvador Brazil2,0714,015,20551.58
26San Pedro Sula Honduras392765,86451.18
27Valencia Venezuela7841,576,07149.74
28Cali Colombia1,2612,542,87649.59
29Chihuahua Mexico460929,88449.48
30João Pessoa Brazil5541,126,61349.17
31Obregón Mexico166339,00048.96
32San Juan Puerto Rico169347,05248.70
33Barquisimeto Venezuela6441,335,34848.23
34Manaus Brazil1,0242,130,26448.07
35Distrito Central (Tegucigalpa) Honduras5881,224,89748.00
36Tepic Mexico237503,33047.09
37Palmira Colombia144308,66946.65
38Reynosa Mexico294701,52541.95
39Porto Alegre Brazil1,7484,268,08340.96
40Macapá Brazil191474,70640.24
41New Orleans United States157391,49540.10
42Detroit United States267672,79539.69
43Mazatlán Mexico192488,28139.32
44Durban South Africa1,3963,661,91138.12
45Campos dos Goytacazes Brazil184490,28837.53
46Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth) South Africa4741,263,05137.53
47Campina Grande Brazil153410,33237.29
48Teresina Brazil315850,19837.05
49Vitoria Brazil7071,960,21336.07
50Cúcuta Colombia290833,74334.78

According to Ecology Global Network, about 151,600 individuals go to the “Great Beyond” per day. That’s a population of about 8 per 1000, which breaks down to 6,316 deaths per hour; 105 per minute or 2 per second. on the plus side, four children are born somewhere in the world every second; 250 per minute; 15,000 every hour or 360,000 every day (that’s a lot of Pampers).  Earth’s human population is growing faster than it is dying. And, Mothers, think of all of the women, including you, who went through extreme pain to pop that little baby out of you. It’s sort of like having a water mellon extracted form your eye. But, I digress.

For you computer nerds out there, according to Google, 105 people die every minute. One has to wonder if they were doing a Google search engine search when they gave up their all and slumped over their computer!

Now talking about the birth to death ratio, for population of 1000, 19 births happen for 8 deaths. Statistics say that there are: 360,000 births per day. 151,600 people die each day. That seems to me we are eventually going to run out of resources and room on our planet. I really do hope we eventually colonize other nearby planets to handle this expansion within the next 100 years. 

World Birth and Death Rates –

Birth Rate:-

  1. Four births each second of every day
  2. 19 births/1,000 populatio
  3. 131.4 million births per year
  4. 360,000 births per day
  5. 15,000 births each hour
  6. 250 births each minute

Death Rates:-

Nearly two people die each second

105 people die each minute

6,316 people die each hour

151,600 people die each day

55.3 million people die each year

That makes it to a 2.5 ratio, Death & Birth Ratio in the world.

There you have it! Something to think about which will make great conversation at a Halloween Party or your run of the mill funeral.  ;-).  Now you know you are not alone when you leave our planet. Life here is really boot camp, earth, class 101. It’s crude, animal, and difficult, yet commingled with the joy of living, too. Hypnosis helps many in numerous ways to cope with life on our big ball called earth and to have introspec as to how it may be when they experience what happens on the other side of the veil of life.

If you want the nitty-gritty details of what it is really like to experience the “technique” of death, I suggest you visit www.urantia.org. It’s about a big book that is brimming with revelatory facts that connects the dots of living, dying and then living again for eternity and how that all really does work. It’s not a religion or church. It’s just the way it is. Check it out. But, I must warn you, once you begin reading that book, it is very difficult to put it down. It will fascinate and enlighten you like no other book ever could. Many of my patients love this book. It makes life work very nicely for them, me included. Check it out. I think you’ll like it. Write me and let me know.


[1] World Death Clock

[2] Birth & Death Rates | Ecology Global Network

 website: newlifehypnosis.org

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Confidence is just another word for leadership. Leadership is required if you are going to accomplish meaningful achievements. To lead, you have to be self-confident.

A lack of self-confidence stems from two of your worst enemies:  Fear and Ego. Most folks who are not self-confident have fear they will fail or otherwise, cause more problems than are solved.  People who lack self-confidence also have their ego at stake. They are concerned if something is not done properly by them, it will come back to haunt them and attack their personality and status quo. The ego, therefore removes that possibility by causing the individual to back away,  to not lead and to not participate in a given achievement to “save face”.  The ego is the cause of self-rejection and fear.

To give you an example, most people have a fear of public speaking. To get before an audience of several people to perform, make a speech or entertain causes panic attacks in some people. Why? The ego is threatened. Once the speaker’s status quo is up for ridicule by the those in the audience it generates great fear in the speaker which, in turn, causes the individual to decline any situation that involves public speaking. 

There probably has been and will be many times you will be in situations or called upon to step up, do what needs to be done and take complete responsibility for you actions. You can do this if you esteem yourself, ethically and high enough to achieve a given goal or project. An ethical, high self-esteem gives you the armor needed to put your ego back in its playpen so you can achieve that which others could not or would not do. That’s the big difference between a self-confident leader and a follower who is controlled by their ego. Understand, you are not an ego. Ego is your worst enemy and is not a part of who and what you really are. When you take control of the ego and learn to toss it aside, your self-confidence will soar to lofty heights.

The keys to self-esteem are as follows:

  • Your body is not the real you. It’s a temporary image of you. Mortal life is a very intense, relative short period in time when compared to eternity. It is your initial existence to learn how to be in a body as a mortal. It’s boot camp (basic training) to initially prepare you for eternal existence, should you choose to survive for eternity.  The key here is to remember you are not a body.  So don’t worry about what others may think of your body. It’s not permanent, so it doesn’t matter in the long run.
  • Some day, you will grow older and lay down your body and leave it. However, while your body is no longer in use, you, your mind matrix and your personality truly survives. From there you move on to learn and experience many new, wonderful and amazing things. There really is no end to the real you.  Your body is simply a vehicle in which the real you currently lives. Within you mind and spirit dwells a spiritual fragment of your creator to assist you and adjust your thoughts, with your permission, to unerringly guide you on the right path to eternal success, light and life.  This key is: The real you is a creation by your creator. Truly that makes you awesome, unique and loved.
  • People are not judging you. They are looking at you and listening to you so they can understand you.  This key indicates you have nothing to fear.  You are what you are which is awesome. After all, look who created you!
  • Since you are, in a meaningful way, one with your creator (as a part of His spirit indwells your very soul) He is pleased when you dare to stand and be heard and seen in a wholesome way. This is how one masters themselves. They conquer fear with self love and love for others. This final key makes it clear, you cannot fear that which you love and loves you. Once again, look who is your eternal partner that now indwells you. It’s from God and is God in you. It just doesn’t get any better. Your self confidence is supported by the most awesome power throughout all of the far flung universes which is love. God is love.

No doubt there are things you know and do quite well. Therefore, you are very confident about doing those things. They don’t frighten you or threaten your ego. So, it is a fact you do have self-confidence in specific things that matter. It is usually the new things you find yourself involved that retards your self-confidence. If you will simply reflect back on the previous fours keys you will find what is new, different and perhaps difficult, is really a great excuse to roll up your sleeves and dive into it. You have nothing to fear except fear itself.  All new things should be looked at as a wonderful adventure and not from a point of fear or assault on your ego (status quo). If you are asked to bake a cake and you never have before, take it on as a fascinating challenge. And, when you do your best, wow!… you just made a wonderful cake. On the other hand, if your cake turns out badly, you can actually laugh about it so others can laugh with you and not at you. We are all human and subject to folly and error. So, it’s okay to make mistakes because they are important lessons that are needed to advance in life here and beyond.

 website: newlifehypnosis.org

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How you look in a mirror isn’t as important as how attractive you are inside your heart and mind.This puts you in a state of mind that reflects how attractive you really are which attracts others to you. This is a rewarding mood to be in. You discover you really are attractive in ways you never knew.  

Are you ready to let it all go? We mean, are you ready to realize the truth about how attractive you really are? Forget the thousands of television, magazine and internet shows and ads you see featuring so called beautiful women. That’s all for show and is couched in falsehoods.

Some of those great looking men and gorgeous women, if you knew them, you would realize they have their own set of problems which when realized scar their exterior looks because it ruins their personality and inward attractiveness.

Being attractive is not all about being handsome or beautiful to look at. Far from it. It’s really about how that person makes you feel when you are with them. It’s more about what is in that person’s mind, personality and persona that, in the end really determines if they are attractive or not.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PERFECT HUMAN BODY. No doubt, you will find something about a person’s looks, when made bare that isn’t that attractive. There are warts, freckles , scars, slight disfigurations, dental issues, loss of hair, brittle nails, hair in the wrong places, and well, let’s face it, we biped mortals are really animals at the top of the food chain. So, what’s this nonsense about attractive beauty.

We will be the first to tell you its is all about following the dollar. You see, the trick in marketing is first to convince people they must be beautiful to attract people to love them and care for them and most important to be acceptable to everyone. Therefore, those who spew forth these lies are advertising, marketing and  selling products and services that promotes and causes one’s so called beautiful or handsome appearance to improve. So, let’s look at the truth of all of this and let the truth set us all free. Ready?

Somehow, thousands and thousands of years ago, someone figured out if a woman paints her face, that suppose to look beautiful. So, women put the most ungodly things on their face and other parts of their body believing this makes them attractive to the opposite sex. Women spread red grease on their lips (called lipstick) They powder the face to make it look younger and healthier. They paint on their eyebrows and glue thick eyelashes to their eyelids.  They put goop on their face to shrink its dermas to reduce wrinkles. They grow their nails into near claws and then polish and paint them with elaborate artwork. They do things with their hair which boggles ones imagination. Unlimited styles lengths and shapes and even die it in radiant colors. The fact is, hair is nothing more then dead skin the body push out of itself. We call it hair. Dermatologist call it dead dermas.

The cosmetic industry and the plastic surgery industry, and even the clothes and shoes industry is worth trillions of dollars worldwide, annually. Look at the shoes women are programmed to wear. They have spiked high heels on them to push their rump up into a more suggestive, so called sexy and attractive position which ruin their feet, posture and spine in the processes. Podiatrists, plastic surgeons , chiropractors and bone docs love it.!  kaching!  Kaching! But, for most ladies it eventually is painful to remain in such shoes. 

So, let’s drill down a bit deeper so we can realize what is really attractive. We don’t care if a woman or a man is extremely attractive or, a sex god or goddes, they can be quite ugly if they  are nentally degranged and devoid of goodness. So, the body one gets, which is mostly dictated by the genes of their parents and grandparents, in no way makes a person ugly or beautiful. It simply gives them a house we call the human body which in it lives one’s very own soul, mind and spirit.  So, what matters is that the body is as healthy as it can be, and is kept that way. 

Most people, regardless of their gender, would rather have a mate and find that mate more attractive if he or she is healthy, has a vibrant personality, is fun to know and be with, and most importantly very loving with a lovely gentle spirit that reflect unresistable goodness.

Understand, we are not raging against people decorating their body with cosmetics, jewelry, wigs, elaborate clothing and crazy shoes (and don’t forget the cologne and perfume sold for many dollars per ounce to disguise real human odor). We realize nearly all people are simply following the programming that has been installed into their subconscious minds by society at large and reinforced by those who covet capital gains from products they tell people to make their customers attractive. The real problem with all of this (other than the enormous waste of money involved) is it has perfectly decent, loving people behaving in very bizarre ways.  For instance, in parts of Africa, a woman is considered beautiful if her neck is extended several inches by wearing metal rings from childhood to adulthood around her neck to stretch it. Others think a bone through a man’s nose is handsome. Miniskirts in some parts of the world are considered volugure and insist women run around in black mini-tents with a veiled eye slit to see through. They are forced to wear these in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees daily in the summer. Where as in the U.S. women in miniskirts fetches whistles from aggressive young men. Once again, it’s all about programming and belief systems buried into each person’s subconscious mind.

So, what to do? While the truth sets us free, when we drill down into attractiveness, we see its all a scam. So, what is real attractiveness? Ready for this?  Try being and looking like you really are. And what are you? Well, whatever your gender, is for starters. from there we look inside and not outside of you. How warm, loving and caring is your personality to all others you communicate with in life? How clean is your mind and heart. Your body will reflect that. What personality attributes do you use to make those you wish to attracted to you? And here comes the million dollar question: Why in the world would anyone present to another an artificial front in appearance to hide their real self, which in reality is the work of God?

Okay, we confess, must of this folly is caused by men. Sorry guys, but that’s a fact. Men have, over melania, worked at convincing and programming women to believe they have to look like different creatures to identify the difference in their gender. This sets up an unnatural tension between both genders.  How unnatural? Well, ladies, what if your guy show up to take you to dinner, and he is wearing exceptionally high heeled shoes, nylon full length leg stockings, a skirt (which wind can blow up), and upper clothing to accentuate his torso, plus elaborate jewels strewn around his neck and worn on his fingers, wrists and ankles. Oh, and don’t forget the frilly underwear which is next to useless and his hair is dyed a color it is not.  So, if you ladies got into a man’s psyche in that manner, it would clearly make your gender the controlling entity as to how the genders are suppose to behave.  Once again, it’s subconscious programming, lies, and following the dollar that has this strange behavior acceptable as the norm. 

I have no doubt, if any intelligent biped creature (like we mortals) visited our planet, they would immediately assume we are insane.

Okay, enoug with reality… let’s see what this really means to a lady who simply wants to be attractive to everyone (especially her opposite sex). Since not much can be done to deprogram the human race regarding their folly about beatification of one’s appearance, we are, more or less, forced to accept what is the current status quo. With that said, in the hypnosis session which is structured to make the female listener feel extremely attractive, at least we are honest about it. We have little to say about the fair sex’s finger nails, cologne and clothing and shoes which torments their body. That’s a given, and we will leave it that. What the feel attractive hypnotic mood session really does is to you is release the real attractiveness in your mind, soul and spirit in such a manner that your opposite gender can’t take their eyes and ears off of you. You own them!  Period!

You see, what really turns a gentlemen on is behavior, meaning what you say, how you say it and the body language you use to emphasize it. In other words, the real you. He doesn’t care if you smell like a rose. He only cares that you don’t smell bad. So a shower is a lot more effective than an expensive bottle of perfume. He doesn’t care if you have clothing on so high and tight its advertising you physical charms. He cares more about how your hand feels in his, how a loving warm hug affects him rather  than to see you walking down the hallway wiggling away. He prefers you have a fresh breath rather than a painted lips. He likes the natural sparkle of your eyes without them being shadowed with paint. He feels your naturalness does not hold a candle to the most beautiful jewels on our planet. He finds your femininity in your soft gentle voice and a lovely smile is far, far better than an elaborate evening gown. He admires you stamina and strength when called upon and not the weak, wimpy female. He wants a help mate that he can effortlessly consider coequal to him in all meaningful ways. He does not want “the little woman” who relies on him for everything.  He wants a loyal partner giving him the motivation to return the same honor.

If you really want to feel and be attractive to those that matter the most to you, you need to get truthful programming into your subconscious mind which will cause you, with your permission, to walk, talk, think and behave like the beautiful woman you really are in your mind, spirit and sole. And, that ladies is what really turn on a real man.  A real man does not wear his lady on his arm like a trophy. He simply holds her hand  showing and feeling oneness with her.

Dr. Dean’s Attractive Hypnotic Mood gives to the luxury and complete right to be who and what you really are. Those around you will be naturally attracted to you. Men won’t whistle at you, they will admire you, want to know you and be with you. They, in a word will love you and want to share themselves with you as you do with them.

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Oh my! are you going to experience real fun and be in the mood to have fun! It’s wholesome, real, and very uplifting. People will love being with you because you’re having so much fun and its contagious! 

We dare you…. No, we double dare you to download Dr. Dean’s  FREE Fun Hypnotic audio hypnosis session. Hey, it’s “on the house”, so go for it.

Listen to this amazing hypnotic mood “as directed” and see if it does put you in a strong mood to have real fun., Then you’ll start doing and saying things to have fun, and others around you pick up on that and start having fun with you! Wow! It’s wholesome fun that’s contagious!

Yep, everyone loves to have fun. In fact it is mentally and physically healthy to have fun. It’s a diversion, a time out from the rigors of daily living everyone needs often. 

Remember, a fragment of your creator’s spirit indwells your mind. So, when you cry, He cries with you, when you laugh, He laughs with you and when you have real, wholesome fun, He has fun within you. The two of you really are merging as one. That’s your destiny and it’s beautiful and awesome. And yes, having wholesome fun is part of that.

We think you’ll agree, life is not a bowl full of roses. It’s stressful and often difficult to cope with. Many turn to alcohol, drugs or whatever can temporarily pleasure them. However, it’s a fact, nothing is better than real, pure ,clean fun. A good old fashioned real belly laugh does wonders to relieve your stress and tension. The doctors at New Life Clinics Charitable Trust will tell you that “laughter is often the best medicine.”

If you have noticed, there is nobody on our planet or throughout far flung space that has a personality exactly like yours. While it is fashioned from experiences, genetical inheritance, and maturity, the basis of it, which truly makes you unique, is a gift from your Creator. That’s why it is unique. And, oh my, what a beautiful gift it is. Part of your personality is structured to really enjoy having FUN.  Wholesome fun is the best fun. You know, the kind that can make you laugh until tears come into your eyes. It’s a psychological release we all need. It is a wonderful diversion from the seriousness of daily living. So, for goodness sake, HAVE FUN!  It really is okay. Your brain is wired to do that. Your soul loves it and your spirit enjoys it.

We know not everything is roses. Sometimes you hit some pretty bad speed bumps along your path in life. Rough patches are often downright miserable. And, sometimes there is nothing you can do about those times except… you guessed it — HAVE FUN!  Having fun does not have to be expensive. And, in this case, it’s absolutely free. And safe. (No bad side or after effects).

Your brain wants you to have fun, but it’s down in the weeds much of the time dealing with hard life,  and depressive stuff, so it’s difficult to be in the mood to have fun. Well, not anymore. You have a gift from Dr. Dean that you’ll enjoy frequently throughout your life and your friends and family will absolutely love listening to it with you. You and your better half can sit down and enjoy a session before company or family comes over to visit. Honestly, they will find you in bright spirits, joyful and yes, just a lot of fun to be around. They will remember that and enjoy your cheer and how much fun you are. Now, that’s the way to be thought of and remembered.

So, grab a free hypnotic audio download (with  instructions to use it correctly so it works for you) It’s a complete, full length session. Listen to the instructions provided or you can read them in the PDF provided.  It’s easy to use and listen to. Take it for a test drive. Honestly, you will be amazed at how good you feel during and after the session and yes, you’ll be grinning from ear-to-ear, too. It all culminates into nice smiles, genuine laughter and real joy. And, after all, isn’t that what we all really desire as a break from the difficulties in daily life?  Well, now it’s yours. The doc ponied up the loot to buy it for you. So, enjoy.

If you would like to drop an email to Dr. Bob telling him your experiences as a result of the free hypnotic Fun session he freely provided, that would be more than enough thanks to Dr. Bob. email to:  talktothedoc.com  Oh, Dr. Bob asked us to tell you, there “are no strings attached”. He just wants you, your family and friends to have FUN. It’s healthy!

Okay, I’m go for it. You’re way past due for some amazing fun anyway…


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Human stress is far more dangerous, even deadly than most folks realize. Stress is, in fact, the primary cause of death in the United States, and I dare say throughout modern nations world wide.  Stress is a mentally induced disorder caused by outside events that have accidental programmed  the subconscious mind.

As an example, a person drives their car to work daily without any event. Then, one day, that person is hit by another car which causes severe injury and destruction of the car. After many months of healing, the individual has acquired another car and returns to driving to work. This time, however, the individual becomes severely stressed while driving. A pounding headache occurs while driving. Then nervous shaking and profuse sweating happens. The individual is so over taken with fear and stress from driving the car, he pulls to the side of the road, stops and turns off his motor. He is nearly paralized with fear, stress and tension to a point he is in pain.

What is occurring here is the result of a program. It was, by accident, placed into the subject’s subconscious mind during  the car accident. It is interpreted by the subconscious mind that driving a car is dangerous and life threatening.

The subconscious mind cannot think logically. Only one’s conscious mind is capable of thinking logically. So the subconscious mind illogically adopts the accident and the pain following it as a result of driving a car. While this is not logical, remember, the subconscious mind can’t think logically.  So, now driving a car causes the programming in the subconscious mind to reject driving a car because it sees it (illogically) as something that causes great pain and loss. If the subject does drive a car, the subconscious mind triggers many glands and organs in the body to respond in such a manner they put great stress on the body and in one’s conscious mind. The end result is extremely detrimental to one’s health.

Understand that stress has numerous levels and is caused literally millions of ways by programs that accidentally get into one’s subconscious mind. It doesn’t matter if you are being interviewed for a job, taking a test or preparing a sumptuous meal.  This can’t be averted by any intelligent biped mortal because of how life works on our planet and how our brains are wired. 

Stress wreaks havoc on your body and exacerbates chronic ailments such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and even erectile dysfunction.

The statistics are staggering: 44% of Americans feel more stressed than they did five years ago; work stress causes 10% of strokes; stress increases the risk of heart disease by a whopping 40% and heart attack by 25%; and it also shrinks the brain. 

As a doctor, knowing this I decided to check up on my brain health. So I had an M.R.I. done on my brain. The radiologist advised me that my brain had shrunk slightly. Now my wife accuses me of small thinking. But, I digress.

Most every person’s brain shrinks as they age into their senior years. This is primarily caused by how much stress a person has in their life and how they dealt with it.  Proper self-care of your brain calls for the  avoidance of excess stress. This means you enjoy your work and purpose. You have adequate income to meet your needs. You routinely exercise. You eat a healthy plant based diet and eat only to live and not live to eat. You  remain calm, have a sense of peace about you in your daily living. Having a wholesome  sense of humor is also a must. You also must have a few close friends who do not stress you out, plus be close with your family. And, most importantly, cultivate a real spiritual connection with our Creator’s spirit and love.

As a professional Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Board Certified Hypnotherapist, I have counseled many thousands of people in my practice of over 29 years. I can tell you when hearing the stressful situations my patients revealed to me, natural human empathy and care for these patients brought their stress into my mind. This is one of the dangers of being a counseling therapist. Indeed, the best therapy is occuring when it is difficult to determine who the patient is and the therapist is. They are both on the same subject, feeling the same thing with and for each other. So therapists do experience high levels of stress by the nature of their work. So do police officers, troops in combat, plumbers, electricians, surgeons, stock brokers, and, well, I think you get my point. 

As a result of stress in daily living, which causes subconscious programming that makes stress far worse, we as a biped human species, experience numerous illnesses, disease and death.

So, what to do?  Well, to advise you, dear reader, to have an ideal lifestyle to keep stress to a very minimum, is probably impossible. I was in the U.S. Marines back in the early 60’s (yeah, I’m a real dinosaur). And, I can tell you that Marines are rarely in a stress free environment or situation because acute stress often occurs in the course of a Marine’s duties.  There are many thousands of occupations and situations that causes a person to be in a constant state of stress which, in the end, is the undoing of one’s health if not their life.

Most folks are always in some degree or another of stress. That’s why many people drink too much alcoholic beverage. Others resort to social, legal and illegal drugs. Understand this is why some states have legalized the use of Marijuana. Even the entire nation of Canada has legalized use of Marijuana and their citizens embraced it wholeheartedly as a blessed relief from stress. And, their governments enjoyed a big boost in sales tax revenue.  I know there is a better, easier, much safer way to achieve relief from stress and that is with the proper use of professional stress relief hypnotherapy.  Let’s look at that idea for a moment.

Hypnosis is safe when administered by a board certified, experienced hypnotherapist. It is the least expensive way to achieve rapid relief from stress. It’s faster than most drugs. It is a fraction of the cost of drugs. It lasts for days if not months and can be used over and over again without fear of addiction or destruction of internal organs such as your liver, heart and brain. There is no damage that may occur when enjesting prescribed or illegal chemically derived drugs or damage to one’s lungs and cellular structure caused by inhaling marijuana smoke, its vapor or digesting it by eating it.

How hypnosis works and effects you can be learned by visiting About Hypnosis. You’ll discover it works best on intelligent people. It’s an extremely luxurious experience because it is very relaxing and by its nature stress relieving if a relaxation hypnosis induction technique is used. (All of my hypnosis inductions use the relaxation technique.} You can experience, too. We have a fun four minute hypnosis test that will prove to you that you can be hypnotized. About 80% of those tested so far did  experience being fully hypnotized from this test and really enjoyed the experience.

The message here is simple. First, do your best to arrange the most important aspect of your daily life to reduce your stress level. Next, with your physicians approval reduce or stop taking drugs to calm you and reduce stress. They simply are hard on your liver, usually additive and distort the natural function of your brain. Fortunately, hypnosis has no negative side effects unless you suffer from epilepsy. If you do, you should not use hypnosis for any reason, unless you are on medication to prevent a seizure.

It’s best to not drink any alcoholic beverage because excess alcohol does shrink the brain, and raises havoc with your liver, heart, vascular system, blood, etc. However, one 4oz. Glass of wine for a woman and no more than eight ounces of wine for a man two or three times per week is relatively harmless. However, wine, beer or hard liquor does not hold a candle to stress relief when compared to the result of a professional stress relief hypnotherapy session audio. And, best of all, there is no negative side effects or hangover from hypnosis like there can be with alcoholic beverages.  And just think of the money you can save, too.

In the end, be aware of the fact that hypnosis has been around since the ancient Egyption Pharaohs. It has, over several thousands of years,  been refined into a psychological science and administered  primarily to middle and upper class people world wide.  Many licensed psychologists use hypnotherapy in their practice. They have learned they can use clinical hypnosis to get to the mental cause of one’s emotional disorder in a matter of minutes and end it quickly which otherwise takes months, even years of numerous counseling sessions to achieve. Bottom line… suffering is reduced and ultimately ended quickly with proper use of hypnotic therapy.


* * *

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