First Steps To Weight Loss


These are your 1st Steps to Weight Loss Hypnotherapy.

The 1st Steps to Weight Loss Hypnosis session gets you into healthy eating and drinking water to lose weight. It’s the first hypnosis session for weight loss in a series of FIVE different hypnosis sessions. Those “state-of-the-art” hypnosis therapy sessions are listened to in tandem at your leisure. They are all included in the 20 different unique, state-of-the-art hypnosis therapy sessions downloaded to you. Yes, you read that right… twenty different, unique, “state-of-the-art” hypnosis therapy sessions.

The 1st Steps to Weight Loss hypnosis session download psychologically prepares and shows you how to lose weight and how to remain trim. It comes with a healthy diet plan that leads to smart healthy eating. It gets into weight loss hypnosis done right. You’ll enjoy intelligent choices of natural comfort foods. It is the perfect heart healthy diet. It works exceptionally well for a type 2 diabetic diet to taper or end that disease. It gets you started on an amazing journey to superb health and the look you desire. Best of all it keeps you from “falling off your weight loss wagon”. It’s the most ideal launch into a healthy lifestyle to successfully get rid of all excess body fat and the painful side effects of being overweight.

The 1st Steps to Weight Loss hypnotherapy session starts out by hypnotizing you to drink water to lose weight and to assure proper hydration. Many people do not drink enough water and end up having health problems such as obesity, fatty liver, kidney damage, brain damage, vision problems plus certain psychological problems due to dehydration. And, as you read further, you’ll discover the insane low price for these rated 5 stars hypnosis sessions. 

Hi. I’m Dr. Robert Dean. With your permission I’ll be your weight loss Hypnotherapist and Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy on this website. I’m the creator and narrator of the 20 unique hypnosis therapy session downloads you’ll receive. As your doctor I’ll hypnotize you to achieve and enjoy a healthier lifestyle to assure you’ll become and remain trim and stay that way.  Read and see everything on this page. You’re really going to like this unique weight loss program that guides you into a healthy lifestyle.

My weight loss hypnosis program consists of FIVE different hypnosis sessions to lose weight. Those 5 are in included in the twenty hypnosis sessions. They are: 1st Step to Weight Loss described herein plus Weight Loss HypnosisStress Relief HypnosisImprove Self-Esteem Hypnosis and Exercise Motivation Hypnosis sessions all displayed below. Each of these sessions are critical to a successful lifestyle and a trim, healthy body.

Oh! There’s more! 

We have a charitable fundraiser going on right now to reduce or end the suffering of people who are in a world of hurt and cannot help themselves such as hungry children and destitute people who need wheelchairs. So, as an inducement to donate only once, we will download to you 20 of my most popular hypnosis sessions which includes the FIVE sessions listed above for a one-time $20.00 donation. Yep, you also read that right. You’ll get 20 of my most popular hypnosis sessions (displayed below) which include the FIVE weight loss hypnosis sessions named above for a one-time $20.00 donation. BELIEVE IT! 

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When you read this, BELIEVE IT. It will surprise and delight you and it’s exclusive for all of my clients who donate one-time and received my 20 hypnotherapy session downloads.

With the 20 unique hypnosis sessions you receive you also get me (your doctor) for the rest of my career at NO CHARGE. If you get tangled up in “rough patches” and need help with any of my hypnotherapy, call me! (928) 279-1848. Put me on “speed dial”. Call between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Mon-Sat, Arizona Mountain Time Zone and let’s chat. I’ll provide you professional counsel. I will “listen” to you, I will never judge you. I have your back. I’ll lift you off those rough patches and gently guide you onto the right path to achieve all of your goals for self-improvement. THERE WILL BE NO CHARGE FOR THIS VITAL COUNSELING SERVICE. This is my way to say thank-you for your modest one-time donation. A lot of people in a world of hurt like hungry kids thank you, too. 

I promise you, nobody, and I mean nobody can even approach this offer in any clinic or on the world wide web. As for quality, we have provided these sessions collectively to over one-million people. Surveys of a large number of these people rated these twenty hypnosis session audio downloads FIVE STARS for CLIENT SATISFACTION and HIGHEST SUCCESS RATE

The names seen above of the FIVE hypnosis sessions describes what they do for you. If you want more information on them, you’ll find them displayed below. Simply click the session’s picture to learn more about them.

As mentioned above, my 1st Steps To Weight Loss hypnosis session not only programs you to drink the right amount of water, it also prepares you psychologically to become and remain a trim person. 

Many people are overweight because they have programming in their subconscious minds that promotes and motivates excessive eating of unhealthy, fattening, processed foods. Think sugar laden breakfast cereals, high sugar content foods, pastries, ice cream and high carbohydrate laden processed food. The list goes on and on which is what makes you and over 70% of Americans excessively overweight.

The entire food industry, their commercials plus fast food restaurant marketing of their unhealthy processed meals are the cause of this major health disorder. You, like millions of Americans, have been raised and caught up in this trap and it’s not your fault. In a subtle way, the food industry, and fast food restaurant industry (who do not care about your health) has programmed the vast majority of Americans to eat food and drink beverages which are proven to be a detriment to human health and is a primary cause of your excessive body fat. 

70% of all Americans are overweight. 40% of young men and women who attempt to join any of the branches of the Military are rejected because they are too fat to serve and fight. My First Steps To Weight Loss Hypnosis ends those problems. When you complete the hypnotherapy treatment provided in this download (simply listen to it as directed) you’ll be hypnotized to eat healthy, wholesome, delicious, comfort food and to drink enough fresh, clean water to lose body fat safely and rapidly. You’ll also become aware of what the food industries are up to when marketing their unhealthy, fattening food and beverages. You’ll avoid their unhealthy food with a grin on your face because you’ll know what they are up to. 

Because my hypnosis reprograms your subconscious mind to live a healthy lifestyle, will power is not needed. In your mind, it’s a better way of life which you truly enjoy, especially when you stand in front of a mirror, in privacy, in the nude and you like what you see and how you feel based on your gender and age.

Living a healthy lifestyle is, in reality, not only super good for you, it is a joy to experience every day. To help you achieve a healthy lifestyle I wrote a 39 page guide on how to live a healthy lifestyle and to lose weight safely and keep it off for good. I promise, you’ll find it fascinating. The truth in it will set you free!  And, did I say this guide is FREE? Well it is. It is included in the 20 hypnosis sessions download. What you’ll learn in that guide is built into the hypnotic programming found collectively in the FIVE hypnosis sessions discussed above.

As you learn about all FIVE sessions and how simple it is to use them, you’ll realize my hypnotic weight loss program is the easiest way to lose weight quickly and keep the weight off. Best of all, you’ll get healthier and healthier because of it. You’ll learn that healthy food is the best medicine to prevent or end many disorders such as obesity and achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

Think about the titles of the FIVE sessions listed above. They tell you what they are and what they do for you. When those are listened to as directed, you’ll experience the most powerful, safest weight loss program of which I am aware. How so? If your mind is safely programmed by me (your doctor) by being hypnotized by the FIVE hypnosis sessions discussed above, you will achieve the look you desire. I know you have tried and tried to lose weight and keep it off in the past. You probably lost some weight, but gained it all back plus a few extra pounds. This time you’ll finally succeed in eliminating all excess fat from your body and keep it off for good. It’s all about having the right programming in your subconscious mind to eat the right amount of the right kind of healthy comfort foods and drinking fresh, clean water. Now, finally, you’ll have the programming you really need.

In your mind, after listening to my hypnosis for weight loss, failure won’t be an option. You will immediately adopt a much healthier lifestyle that creates a “new you”. Seriously, five to six weeks from now, as you progress through these professional hypnosis sessions, you’ll have reduced at least 2 to 3 clothing sizes. Nothing, and I mean nothing you own will fit you. If more fat reduction is needed, it will keep coming off until you really like what you see standing in front of a mirror. 

As for the quality, taste, enjoyment and price of the food you’ll eat, it can’t be beat. You’ll be eating a huge variety of colorful foods all of which are available at your local supermarket. What you eat will NOT be processed food full of chemicals, sugar and other substances that cause cancer and obesity. You will not be consuming food dyes, stabilizers, preservatives, taste enhancements and other chemicals that have names most people can’t even pronounce. You’ll eat whole, natural, organic foods which cost way less than what is shoved into a box or a can containing processed food contaminated with processing chemicals. Plus your cost for food will drop because you are not paying for the processing of it. Cans, boxes, packaging drives the price of your groceries up. When you eat food that is not processed, elaborate packaging is not needed, so your food costs less money but is exceptional in quality and fresh taste.

We come to you with over 80 great

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Okay, as your doctor, I have to ask… Can you be hypnotized?

Most people believe they cannot be hypnotized. Because you came to this website regarding hypnosis therapy, the truth is you likely can be successfully hypnotized.

On average, NINE out of every TEN people can easily be hypnotized. The one person who cannot be hypnotized can’t or will not follow the hypnotist’s directions and suggestions during the hypnosis induction. These people play around with what they hear. They test it by pinching themselves or opening their eyes and looking around. They try to analyze the hypnosis and the hypnotist administering the session. They don’t pay attention to what the hypnotist is saying to them. They drift off by thinking about things that have nothing to do with what the therapist is saying to them during the session. This makes it impossible to achieve a state of hypnosis needed to realize a desired result.

So, be smart. If you follow all of my directions provided to you before the session begins and you have at least average intelligence you’ll achieve a luxurious state of hypnosis. To get what you want from each session, simply pay attention to what I’m saying during the session. Use your imagination or act out (your way) what I suggest and you will get what you want from the hypnosis session you select.

I have a unique hypnosis session for you so you and I can find out if you can be hypnotized right here, right now. IT’S FREE.

“Honesty is the Best Policy.”

“Try before you buy.” That’s our ethics.

At New Life Clinics we do not ask people to donate unless they know my hypnosis sessions can successfully hypnotize them.  So, before you proceed to download all 20 of the hypnosis sessions displayed below, you should click the player below to listen to a FREE, complete, professional hypnosis session.

The session begins when you hear my directions which will prepare you for a safe, soothing hypnosis session called MELLOW FEELINGS. Listening to that session, as directed, will cause you to feel wonderfully MELLOW. You become calm and deeply relaxed. Time will seem to slow down. You’re laid back and feel comfy. There is no rush to do anything. There is no pressure, anxiety or stress. There’s only a wonderful feeling of complete contentment. That feeling will stay with you for as long as it is appropriate (usually hours). And yes, this is one of my most popular hypnosis sessions. People love it!  And, it’s completely FREE with “no strings attached”. Enjoy it as often as you like. Tell your friends about it, too!

Obviously, after experiencing MELLOW FEELINGS you’ll know you can be hypnotized by me. That means all 20 hypnosis session downloads displayed below will cause you to achieve or experience what the name of each session download indicates. If you feel super relaxed after experiencing the Feeling Mellow Hypnosis Session below, please make the requested $20. donation and you’ll immediately receive all 20 of my most popular hypnosis sessions. You’ll own and use them for life plus they’ll make wonderful gifts to those close to you, too. Remember, this is a limited time offer. Please act now to take advantage of this generous offer.


It’s our ethics… please do not donate until you know you can be hypnotized. It would be a shame if you donated $20.00 and the hypnosis sessions downloaded to you did not hypnotize you. Nine out of every 10 people, on average can easily be hypnotized. 1 out of 10 cannot. So, be smart. Try before you buy. If you experience during the session and after it is finished relief from stress and you are calm and relaxed, then you know Dr. Dean’s hypnosis works for you and you are “good to go”.  Please donate and receive Dr. Dean’s huge download of 20 of his “state-of-the-art hypnosis sessions. If, however, if you did NOT experienced a positive result, then you probably can’t be hypnotized. Please do not donate. Once again, would you have it any other way?


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You can be hypnotized listening to Mellow Feelings as often as you like for FREE on this website. Tell you friends and family about Mellow Feelings. They’ll love it.

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