Self Hypnosis to Achieve Self-Improvement.

Self Hypnosis to Achieve Self-Improvement.

Hello, I’m Dr. Robert Dean. If you want help to achieve self-improvement, I will teach you to hypnotize yourself in minutes to achieve self-improvement you thought was not possible. It happens on this website, and with your okay, it can happen right now. It’s quickly done and easy to do. Since it will be you who hypnotizes yourself, you remain in control and aware at all times.

Over one million people use the self-hypnosis I taught to them to achieve significant self-improvement. You’re invited to be a member of this website so you can quickly learn to hypnotize yourself and achieve self-improvement you thought was not possible. It happens here quickly. So be sure to read this page to know how all of this works. Enjoy!

Which of the self-improvements listed below would you like to achieve?

Lose Weight – Stop Smoking – Sleep Better – Improve Self-Esteem – Have Self-Confidence Stress Relief – Exercise Motivation plus nine unique Moods of which any of one them makes your day!

Follow the five easy steps below, then you’re good to select the session you want that makes self-improvement happen.

Step #1: Read this entire page to be clear about how this all works for you. You’ll find it fascinating. If you want to take a free six-minute (fun) test to determine if you can be hypnotized, scroll down to near the bottom of this page and you’ll see the test. Follow its simple directions then click to hear and see it. Hint! The more intelligent a person is, the more susceptible they are to hypnosis. Mentally challenged people and those who have certain severe psychopathological disorders usually cannot be hypnotized. Your coming to this website indicates you’re smart and should pass the test with flying colors! So, listen and watch the test and you’ll have fun!

Step #2: Never let anyone hypnotize you or teach you how to hypnotize yourself unless you have thoroughly checked that person out. You need to know their personal and professional background, education, training, degrees, certifications, and experience. Click here to check me out. After that, return to this page and click here to see my references and endorsements (they will surprise you). After that, return here to check out the nationally recognized organization that is behind all this.

Step #3: Scroll down and review the colorful list of self-improvements below. Select and Click the first self-improvement you want to achieve. Read about it. If you wish, call me for a free consultation to discuss your selection and answer any questions you may have. Contact information is near the bottom of this page.

Step #4: Rent the self-improvement hypnosis session you select for 30 days. The rent is a fraction of the cost of a private, in-office hypnotherapy session. Renting the session makes it affordable to almost all adults. Renting the session automatically makes you a member of this website which gives you full access to the session during its 30-day rental period. You’ll need 21 of those days to access and learn how to hypnotize yourself, master it, and achieve the self-improvement you desire. The first time you listen to the session, it will, with your permission hypnotize you. Seriously, you’re really going to like how this works and what it does for you.

Note: Anyone who tells you that you can achieve the self-improvement you desire by being hypnotized only once is not telling you the truth. It takes 21 hypnosis sessions done within a 30-day period to cause a successful long-term or permanent self-improvement. That’s a fact proven by Dr. John Kappas in the Department of psychology at U.C.L.A. I concur with his finding based on my 32 years of extensive experience in clinal hypnotherapy.

Step #5: When you have learned how to hypnotize yourself and achieved the self-improvement you selected, you can rent the next self-improvement-self-hypnosis session you desire by repeating Step #4.

I want you to know, there are implied benefits from undergoing self-hypnotherapy sessions. I’m talking about sessions to teach you how to hypnotize yourself on this website. The hypnotherapy sessions on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any injury or illness. They are only intended to teach you how to hypnotize yourself quickly, and safely achieve significant self-improvement.

I am a Professor and Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist with over 32 years in practice. I do not practice psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, or medicine, but I am a nationally recognized Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. It is said that I am renowned for quickly teaching clients and students to hypnotize themselves to achieve major self-improvement. With your permission and my help, I will demonstrate how to hypnotize yourself by gently and safely hypnotizing you. It’s completely safe and done in minutes only on this website.

When you hypnotize yourself you know it’s safe and done right because it’s you hypnotizing yourself. After all, you are the person you trust the most. For this to work for you, please listen carefully to the self-improvement-self-hypnosis session you select. Listen to it once daily for 21 days in a row and you’ll remember what to say to yourself in your mind to hypnotize yourself. The self-programming of your subconscious mind then takes over and causes you to achieve the self-improvement desired.

Please click the titles of the self-hypnosis sessions and mood enhancement sessions listed below you are interested in. Then your journey into significant self-improvement begins.

Weight Loss

Smoking Cessation

Sleep Better

Improve Self-Esteem

Have Self-Confidence

Stress Relief

Exercise Motivation

Suppose you choose me to be your Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. And, I teach you how to hypnotize yourself to achieve significant self-improvement. It’s my responsibility to teach and provide safe, proven suggestions that help you achieve a pleasant state of self-hypnosis. At the same time, it’s up to you to reject or accept my suggestions and directions.

When you accept my directions, suggestions, and guidance, you’ll automatically enter into a self-induced hyper-suggestible state of mind called hypnosis. In hypnosis, and thereafter, you become and remain motivated to achieve the significant self-improvement you selected on this website. After the session, motivation remains high and with repeated use, as directed, motivation grows stronger day after day until the self-improvement you desire is achieved within the 30 day rental period.

You should know, while in self-hypnosis, you’ll know what’s happening. You’re always aware of yourself and your environment. You’re the boss and in control of yourself because it is you that hypnotizes you. Therefore, you cannot be hypnotized to do anything against your own will. Further, it’s NOT my job to make any attempt to control you. It’s my job to HELP YOU control yourself and achieve the self-improvement you desire.

Hey, I know this is new to you. It’s different. I assure you all the self-hypnotherapy you’ll experience on this website is proven to be completely safe, easy, satisfying, effective, and very affordable. After all, over one million people can’t be wrong.

Since 1993, New Life Clinics’ doctors, Board Certified Hypnotherapists, and I have collectively hypnotized and/or taught self-hypnotherapy to over one million people in thousands of massive seminars, immense group teaching sessions, lectures, and on this website nationwide.

New Life Hypnosis
New Life Hypnosis

The Self-Improvement Hypnosis Sessions plus unique Mood-Enhancement Hypnosis Sessions on this website are displayed below. Their titles tell you what they do for you. They also tell you how much each session or program of sessions RENT for. Hint: It’s affordable.

Renting is brilliant because you’ll save a lot of money. Hypnotizing yourself you get the same results you would realize in a private hypnotherapy session in my office for a fraction of the cost of a private in-office session. I’ll make sure to tell you more about that later. Then you’ll understand why renting is the most intelligent and least expensive way to learn how to hypnotize yourself and achieve self-improvement you thought was impossible.

New Life Hypnosis

THE WEIGHT LOSS HYPNOTHERAPY PROGRAM: This is my most popular self-hypnosis therapy program. It consists of TWO unique sessions: #1: The First Steps to Weight Loss Hypnosis Session and #2: The MAIN Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Session.

Click here to be a member of this website and to rent both sessions together for unlimited use for 30 days for $45.00.

Both sessions are listened to in tandem (one right after the other) daily for 21 days within the 30-day rental period.

The Flexitarian diet improves the way you look and feel by achieving a healthier lifestyle. With my help, you’ll hypnotize yourself to prefer healthy, organic, delicious, whole food. The Flexitarian Diet is the most nutritious and satisfying weight-loss diet of which I’m aware. It features a variety of healthy, organic, natural food in portions that eliminate hunger and desire for sweets and starchy food. It limits processed food and food high in carbohydrates.

Calories are not counted. The size of your hand bald up into a fist or laid flat on a table with your fingers spread apart is how you control the portion size of each serving of food on your plate.

You don’t need to weigh yourself. You’re only concerned with how you look in a mirror while privately standing in the nude. The goal is to reduce enough weight to like what you see in a mirror.

Being a Flexitarian is extremely easy and will seem very natural to you. You will not be buying so-called diet food meals or snacks. You’ll realize a noticeable reduction in the cost of food because you won’t be wasting money on junk-processed food and beverages.

Most importantly, the Flexitarian Diet has been reported by thousands of my clients to be the most satisfying and, therefore, very easy to stay on. It ends the “yo-yo” dieting syndrome.

A Flexitarian reads the ingredients label on the food’s box, bag, can, or package to determine if there are any processing ingredients, including chemicals, preservatives, food coloring, pesticides, sugar and its substitutes, and any vegetable oil other than olive or coconut oil. You firmly reject toxic and/or fattening, manufactured, or processed ingredients.

The main reason you are overweight is you have been eating the wrong kind of food (especially food high in carbohydrates including sugars and artificial sweeteners). You have been programmed by commercial advertising by the food and fast-food industries to eat and drink processed food and beverages that cause obesity and numerous physical and mental disorders. Want proof? Look down at your belly. Need I say more?

The two self-hypnosis sessions listened to daily in tandem ends desire for sweets and “junk food.” Best of all, living a Flexitarian lifestyle will seem natural and be your idea. Flexitarians can order healthy meals listed on the menus of better restaurants. So, yes! You can enjoy “eating out” occasionally.

You’ll eat every three hours you’re awake by eating three main meals and two snacks daily. This technique of eating five times daily satisfies you and prevents hunger.

You’ll make it a point to eat a mix of at least five different colors of fruits and vegetables daily to ensure you are getting the natural vitamins and minerals your body needs to maintain good health.

You prefer to eat organic produce that grows out of the ground, off a bush, vine and tree. You’ll enjoy organic open-range grass-fed organic beef, organic pork, organic cage-free chicken and turkey, organic wild-caught freshwater fish, and open cage-free chicken hen’s eggs.

Beverages are clean cool water, sugar-free iced or heated coffee, and tea.

Cooking oil is Coconut oil and salad oil and dressing is organic, virgin, cold press only once olive oil. Organic butter salted or plain. Bread is organic, KETO bread.

You don’t count calories or worry about natural fat content. You do count carbohydrates and limit your intake to 50 or less daily to achieve safe weight reduction.

As an alternative to the Flexitarian diet, you can go Vegan or Keto with your licensed healthcare provider’s approval. You can use your search engine to direct you to Vegan and Keto dieting plans and detailed information about them online. You’ll see several recommended diets using those methods of dieting. What matters is you hypnotize yourself, with my help to learn how to hypnotize yourself to be and stay on the Flexitarian diet until you have achieved the look you desire. It’s also suggested you consult with your primary care taker (physician) before undergoing any weight loss diet regimen.

To keep the trim look you like, Maintenance is built in to ensure you continue healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle, so you won’t “fall off your weight loss wagon” and gain back excess body fat. And finally, with the rental of this weight loss hypnotherapy program, my 39-page “Guide to a Healthier Lifestyle” is also included.

If you have any questions or need to discuss this weight loss hypnotherapy program with me, please call. Contact information is found near the bottom of this page.

New Life Hypnosis

STOP SMOKING HYPNOTHERAPY PROGRAM: This two-session program consists of #1, a Stress Relief Self-Hypnosis Session and #2, a Stop Smoking Self-Hypnotherapy Session.

Click here to be a member of this website and RENT both sessions together as a program for unlimited use for 30 days for $45.00.

#1 The Stress Relief Hypnosis Session demonstrates how to hypnotize yourself to relieve common daily stress. When listened to as directed it makes it much easier to give up smoking tobacco products. This session calms and soothes many who use it to calm themselves. Negative symptoms caused by smoking cessation typically weaken and fade within a few days. After all, the whole idea of remaining calm in the process of giving up cigarettes is to keep you from falling off your “stop smoking wagon”. This self-hypnosis session goes a long way toward helping you do just that.


The average cost of a pack of cigarettes (20 cigarettes) is $8.00. That comes out to .40 cents per cigarette! If you smoke for a month, you’ll have burned through 30 packs of cigarettes, which means you lit on fire and sucked smoke out of 600 cigarettes, plus spent $240.00 to foster your tobacco smoking habit for one month. Carry on like that for 12 months (one year), and you’ll have burned up 7,200 cigarettes amounting to 360 packs of cigarettes, and put you back $2,880.00. OUCH!

Keep that up for ten years, and you’ll have put a $28,800.00 gigantic dent in your bank account. You most likely will not be as healthy as you are right now and probably shorten your life span. Need you to go on with this behavior? If you smoke only half that much, doesn’t that give you pause for thought? It’s time to quickly learn self-hypnosis right here, right now. It only takes minutes with my help on this website. Then you can hypnotize yourself to end your smoking habit painlessly your way.

Look, as your therapist, I think you know better. We both know your cigarette-smoking habit must be shut down now. So, for heaven’s sake, contribute $45.00 to rent my Stop Smoking Self-Hypnotherapy Program. Use that hypnotic “sledgehammer” on yourself to end smoking and save thousands of dollars to enjoy a better life.

If you would like to talk about this, please call me. NO CHARGE, Honest! You have my phone number and office hours listed near the bottom of this page. Hey, I’m your doctor. I’ve got your back, and I’m on your side. This is a life-changing big deal, so let’s talk. I’ll answer your questions and discuss this matter with you. Take heart! You can win.

During the past 32 years, I have been in practice, I have taught hundreds of thousands of my students and clients to hypnotize themselves to stop smoking.

Rent this hypnotherapy program to hear and learn how to hypnotize yourself to quit smoking with my guidance. Together, we both can keep you motivated to not give up until you win and forever remain free from what has proven to kill millions of cigarette smokers—one last thought. Your next cigarette could be the one that triggers a cancer cell in your lung to multiply itself and spread throughout your body. It’s just a thought you may want to take seriously. Once again, the truth is what sets you free. For heaven’s sake, rent and listen to this smoking cessation self-hypnotherapy program the docs at New Life Clinics call the stop smoking sledgehammer!

Look, you’re not stupid. If you were, you would not be on this website looking to learn how to eliminate your cigarette smoking habit. What more can I say? My bottom line advice is that you pray, rent, listen, learn, win, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle!

New Life Hypnosis


Click here to be a member of this website and RENT this session for unlimited use for 30 days for $30.00.

Learn to hypnotize yourself by listening to my sleep self-hypnosis session. When you hypnotize yourself “as directed” it’s typical to experience six to eight hours of deep, restful, luxurious sleep. This sleep hypnotherapy session is very soothing. It’s not habit-forming and has no adverse side effects.

Please listen to my Sleep Better Self- Hypnosis Session in bed on your cell phone or computer with the SPEAKER ON or on earbuds.

Listening to the session, “as directed”, should help you quickly and naturally hypnotize yourself with my help to fall asleep, after which the session ends. When you awaken, you feel refreshed. It’s that simple.

New Life Hypnosis


Click here to be a member of this website and RENT this this session for unlimited use for 30 days for $30.00.

It’s also ideal to listen to this session daily for 21 days after listening to the two weight loss hypnosis program sessions. It’s suggested that you rent the weight loss program first for 30 days. After that rental expires, rent this Exercise Motivation Hypnosis Session for 30 days and listen to it for 21 days within those 30 days. Listening to this Self Hypnosis Exercise Motivation helps to reduce body fat faster, and improve vascular and muscle tone. It helps your appearance and to feel better.

New Life Hypnosis


Click here to be a member of this website and RENT this session for unlimited use for 30 days for $30.00.

You’re not alone. Many people lack self-esteem, leading to more severe problems such as impotence, failing relationships with others, and possible failure when leadership is needed. The test for this is simple. Think of a little child you know or you can imagine in your mind. Now, ask yourself if you would cause that child not to like themself. Or have that child believe he or she is not loveable, cared for, appreciated, or wanted? Of course, you wouldn’t do that. Now for the truth. Why are you doing that to yourself?

You can’t imagine how different you will feel about yourself after a brief daily session for 21 days within a 30-day rental period. It’s a potential life changer. Like many others, this self-hypnosis session motivates you to hypnotize yourself to be a winner. Are you ready to like who and what you are?

Who will like and/or love you if you continue not to like and love yourself ethically? Need I say more? Rent this session. Listen to it as directed, and, like many thousands of my clients and students, you’ll BELIEVE in yourself and the creator of your soul. You’ll discover the love in your heart and mind for yourself and significant others with whom you are involved.

Hint: Love is the most powerful entity throughout the far-flung universe. If you evaluate yourself honestly, you’ll want to hypnotize yourself with my help and gain self-respect you thought impossible. Rent, listen, and hypnotize yourself to experience genuine love for others and yourself.

New Life Hypnosis


Click here to be a member of this website and RENT this session for unlimited use for 30 days for $30.00.

The World Health Counsel at the United Nations published their findings regarding how stress affects health. It was concluded in their report that after heart failure, cancer, and kidney failure, chronic, acute stress kills more people worl wide than all other diseases combined.

Stress slowly destroys vital cell structure and function from head to toe. Those who eat healthy food, get adequate exercise, and manage their stress live longer and happier lives.

Do you like to be with people who are stressed out? If not, then why would you expect people to enjoy being with you? Hey! Rent, listen, and hypnotize yourself with my help. Anxiety, nervousness, stress, and tension are commonly reduced or relieved. This session, listened to as directed on 21 days during its 30-day rental period, is a potential life improvement. Be smart. Rent! After you rent the session, you exclusively own the desired result. Note: This session is included in the Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Program.

New Life Hypnosis


Click here to become a member of this website and RENT this session for unlimited use for 30 days for $30.00.

To end this miserable disorder, you need to learn how to hypnotize yourself after which you can hypnotize yourself to have high self-confidence.

I’ll teach you by providing a suggestive structure that will motivate you to take complete control of your life and have supreme confidence in yourself. Fear is gone. Indeed, you’ll have no fear of failing. That ends immediately. You see failure (if it occurs) as merely a lesson to help you move more confidently toward achieving what needs to be done or happens.

While you are in self-hypnosis and learning safe suggestive programming to install into your subconscious mind, you will find in your heart and mind incredible strength you did not know existed. It will help you bring your self-confidence up to a height you previously thought was not possible. You’ll “know” you are a winner and BELIEVE IT because it’s a real truth that sets you free from doubt in yourself. This is a positive life improvement. Let me help you achieve this self-improvement so you can honestly BELIEVE in yourself.


The Mood Hypnosis sessions listed below are rented to quickly learn self-hypnosis to be in the mood you select. Each mood absolutely makes your day! Every mood you hypnotize yourself to be in lasts as long as it’s appropriate. You’re the boss, so you decide what’s appropriate.

New Life Hypnosis

Feel Good

Click here to become a member of this website and RENT this session for unlimited use for 30 days for $30.00.

So, you think you feel okay. Sit down and listen to this self-hypnosis session for a few minutes, and I’ll bet you’ll feel a lot better than merely okay. This truly is a delightful session to experience every time you want to be in the mood to FEEL GOOD!

New Life Hypnosis

Having Fun

Click here to be a member of this website and RENT this session for unlimited use for 30 days for $30.00.

This is a personal favorite of mine. If you want to make sure you’ll have fun where you are now or are going, this session teaches you to hypnotize yourself to be in the mood to have fun. Play this self-hypnosis session on your phone or computer. Listen to it for a few minutes, and be hypnotized to let the good times roll!

Let’s face it. Some things are merely ho-hum and not much fun. Hypnotizing yourself with my help puts you solidly into a mood to have fun appropriate for the occasion. During the 30-day rental period, you’ll enjoy learning this session and hypnotizing yourself frequently.

New Life Hypnosis

Attract Others

Click here to be a member of this website and RENT this session for unlimited use for 30 days for $30.00.

This session teaches you how to hypnotize yourself to be attractive to people that you find attractive. Those you are focused on often become friendly and enjoy being with you. This reciprocation works with either gender, men attracting women and women attracting men.

Attraction is based on the quality of your personality that others may find appealing. Using this session before mixing with others, I can assure you that you’re not likely to be alone. People feel good being around you and being friendly to you merely by your natural projection of the love and friendliness inherent in you. This often leads to new friendships with those you find attractive in appearance, thoughts, words, and deeds. Reciprocation occurs as those same people are attracted to your personality and appearance.

New Life Hypnosis

Feel Loved

Click here to be a member of this website and RENT this session for unlimited use for 30 days for $30.00.

This is self-hypnosis at its best. This self-hypnosis session, when learned, guides you into a mood to “feel” loved. Such a mood is a marvelous state of mind when you are with “significant others”.

When you have learned and experienced this self-hypnosis session, you’ll know that love is the most powerful entity throughout the far-flung universe. Real love that sometimes reaches spiritual levels dwells within your mind and soul and reflects on others around you. They glance at you, smile, and seem delighted you’re in their presence. It’s contagious. It’s feeling LOVED.

Honestly, it would be best if you learned how to hypnotize yourself to experience this mood. It’s everyone’s favorite, and I’m willing to predict it will be yours, too. There’s nothing like being in the mood to be and feel loved.

New Life Hypnosis

Spiritual Self

Click here to be a member of this website and RENT this session for unlimited use for 30 days for $30.00.

This mood, “Experiencing your Spiritual Self,” lasts as long as appropriate. Each session elevates you to a higher level of your spiritual self than the prior session. It takes you past mere belief into an actual state of “knowing.” The essence of you is a living Spirit that is divine, unique, and destined toward eternal existence.

There is nothing like your Spiritual Self. Once in that mood, it’s clear you are precious because there is nothing like your personality and Spiritual Self throughout all existence. You realize mortal life is a foundation upon which your Spiritual Self blooms into reality in every way, every day, to eventually merge with your Creator’s Spirit that has indwelled your mind since childhood.

In ages to come, one can look at you and your Creator and find it difficult to tell you apart. You will become one with each other in thoughts, words, and deeds. That’s when you’ll ultimately know your Spiritual Self. It, however, begins with being in a mood to be your Spiritual Self, leading to finding your true self. You are magnificent and will humbly realize that when you take joy in being in the mood to be your Spiritual Self.

New Life Hypnosis

Wonderful You

Click here to be a member of this website and RENT this session for unlimited use for 30 days for $30.00.

There is nothing wrong with knowing you are a wonderful person in many different ways. In self-hypnosis, you’ll be in the mood to humbly feel wonderful simply because you are. You will experience and connect with numerous attributes that genuinely are wonderful. You’ll explore and be enlightened by how your personality reflects the light and life within you. It’s common for those who enjoy this session to rise to new levels of self-appreciation, which others will immediately perceive and define as a wonderful person.

Please be sure to deeply explore and learn how to enjoy being in a mood that shows how wonderful you are and the life around you. Each time you hypnotize yourself more is realized about how wonderful you are. This brings out the best in you and causes those who know you to see you as a wonderful person.

New Life Hypnosis

Dream Date (for an adventurous woman only)

Click here to be a member of this website and RENT this session for unlimited use for 30 days for $30.00.

In a soft, rich tone of voice, he introduces himself. He engages you in conversation by directing your attention to his yacht, which is precisely like yours, anchored further out in the bay. You both have something in common with each other; wealth and identical multi-million-dollar yachts.

You’re intrigued by how he stands and speaks, which reflects he is well-educated. His facial expressions reflect admirable, masculine characteristics and genuine kindness rarely seen in men. His smile is bright and natural. He embellishes his conversation with an occasional light sense of humor. He seems to be fun. Sunlight and a light bay wind highlight his hair, which is well-groomed. His eyes are bright blue. His body is trim and muscular. In a word, this man is gorgeous.

He indicates, since you and he sport the same kind of yacht, and you both anchor in the same bay near each other, that you and he should get to know each other. He offers to have his First Mate pick you up at 7:00 p.m. and take you to the pier for dinner. This handsome man will take you by the hand and escort you to the end of the pier to have dinner with him in his five-star rated restaurant. You accept. It’s a date! The party ends at 5:00 p.m., giving you two hours to get ready to be escorted to the pier for dinner with this attractive man.

The restaurant is beautiful. A table was privately set for the two of you. Fine linens, table candles, and solid silverware adorned the table. The conversation is pleasant, appropriate, and lighthearted. Menus were presented by a friendly waiter.

You discuss the lavish food dishes offered on the menu. He asks about your favorite food for your dining pleasure. You tell him what your appetite would enjoy. He motions with a raised finger to summon the waiter, who then takes your order to serve you exactly what you expressed would bring joy to your dining pleasure. Meanwhile, your date orders a light, healthy choice on the menu for his dinner.

The dinner was superb. The conversation was warm, open, friendly, fascinating, and laced now and then with a touch of humor. This man knows from where he speaks and does so with wonderful expression. He’s all man and very genuine.

As the evening wore on, live music played, and he asked you to dance with him twice. This man more than merely danced. He flowed with the music and led you as one with him using a light touch while in perfect rhythm with the music.

Hours of apparent fascination and attraction to each other seemed to slip by. In a caring gesture, he suggested it was getting late, and it had to be a long day for me with the yacht party and this dinner date. He indicated he would have his First Mate return you to your yacht. He also surprised you by asking you to join him mid-morning for brunch on the island, after which he would show you interesting, fun things to enjoy.

You accepted, and once again, you had a date! He walked you over to the restaurant’s door, gently raised your hand, kissed it lightly, and said goodnight. His First Mate Crewman escorted you to the launch and sped toward your yacht.

You arrived at your yacht and the First Mate bid you a good night.

You walked downstairs to your boudoir and prepared to go to bed, then slipped between silk sheets and peered out the portals near your bed facing the ocean. The night sky was deep black over the bay. The stars were twinkling and bright.

The silhouettes of sailboats at the bay’s edge could be seen in contrast to the moon’s shimmering light. You deeply relaxed and curled up to go to sleep with a sweet smile on your face. You have just experienced your dream date.

And that, dear lady, is a resume’ of what you will enjoy while in self-hypnosis on this dream date. Now, if your significant other listens to this session, he might be a tad jealous as he realizes he can’t compete with the man you dated in your mind while in a state of luxurious hypnosis. On the other hand, you can tell him that this gentleman you dated in a hypnotic state was, in your mind, really your husband or significant other. Anyway, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now rent this fantastic self-hypnosis session full of beautiful moods and enjoy, and let’s see if you are asked by your husband or significant other to go out to dinner.

New Life Hypnosis

Peace of Mind

Click here to be a member of this website and RENT this session for unlimited use for 30 days for $30.00.

There is little to be said here because of how this session affects everyone. So, I’ll leave it up to your subconscious mind to reveal to you what it’s like for you to be at total peace with yourself and those around you. This is the “go-to” session when life is hectic or you’re living a hectic lifestyle. This is a mood to be in to mentally stop the world from spinning and step off it. After all, there is nothing like being in a perfect state of blissful peace in your mind.

It would be best if you tried it. I have no doubt you’ll enjoy this self-hypnosis session frequently. And when you have to step back on the world, you do so with a grin because you know you can always step off of it and in your mind be at peace.

Affordable and for adults only.

All the hypnosis sessions listed above are not for sale because I donated them to New Life Clinics Charitable Trust. The Trust then makes all hypnosis sessions on this website affordable by RENTING them to the public. Therefore, my hypnosis sessions can’t be subscribed to. They cannot be copied, downloaded, or bought. They are only rentable on this website in a clear audio format and intended only for adults.

To verify this website is secure for you to enjoy, look for a tiny black padlock in the locked position in the address bar (upper left corner of your screen). If you see it in the locked position while on this website it means this website is secure for safe use.

This website is protected by Federal and International Copyright © 2023 through to 2043.

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Before we both continue on together, if you are not positive you can be hypnotized or think you can’t be hypnotized, may I quickly test you so you can find out for sure? It’s the only way to know you can be hypnotized BEFORE renting the session or program you select. The test is free, and it’s fun. If you pass the test, you can RENT self-improvement hypnosis sessions for a fraction of what a personal, in-office hypnosis session would cost. Please click the red button in the center of the image below. I’ll immediately be inside your computer behind your screen getting your attention with a bit of humor. Enjoy the test.

After the test, please ignore all the YouTube advertisements you’ll see appear on your screen. After the test, if you want to repeat it, click the white semi-circle arrow point in the lower left corner of the YouTube pictures you’ll see displayed on your screen. Tell your friends about it so they can enjoy it, too.

This will put a smile on your face… see what we do with the net proceeds from all rental income we receive.

Because New Life Clinics Charitable Trust is a not-for-profit charitable trust, your rent is considered by them to be a donation and spent to support nationally recognized charitable organizations. The net proceeds from all rent the trust receives are spent to relieve human suffering. I’m talking about feeding starving children and buying wheelchairs for people who are not mobile, such as poverty-stricken people born without legs. The trust also contributes to the Marine Corps League to fund college scholarships for the children of fallen Marines.

There is no payroll at New Life Clinics or the Trust. All on board at the clinic are financially independent, full-time volunteers renowned for their particular expertise in the work they do for the trust including yours truly. It also brings this website to the public, including you.

How my hypnosis sounds.

All sessions are studio-mastered to provide pristine, clear audio when listened to from this website as directed. While I’m gently guiding you into self-hypnosis to achieve the self-improvement you desire, you’ll hear my narration on your cellphone, tablet, or computer set with the speaker turned ON and loud enough to hear easily. It would be best if you listened to me while you were reclining or lying down.

Over three million people can’t be wrong.

New Life Clinics Charitable Trust was founded over 32 years ago. During those years I tracked how many students and clients were hypnotized collectively. These are folks who attended private sessions, massive group sessions, and huge seminars plus many thousands more who listened to cassette tapes, and compact discs, plus watched and listened to my hypnosis videos on YouTube.

Collectively, over one million people have heard all self-improvement hypnosis sessions provided on this website to achieve significant self-improvement and a healthier lifestyle, plus enjoy moods that make their day. As you can imagine, teaching self-hypnosis to such a vast number of people over a period of 32 years has made New Life Clinics well and favorably known. New Life Clinics is one of the oldest online hypnotherapy clinics on the World Wide Web. These facts reflect New Life Clinic’s integrity, public trust, and its students and client’s extraordinarily high success rate. Would you have any other clinic teaching you self-hypnosis to help yourself?

“Thinking out of the box”

Over time, the Trustees wanted to make “state-of-the-art” hypnosis therapy affordable to every adult. I’m talking about hypnotherapy which is among the best and safest with an extraordinarily high success rate. That’s when the Trustees and I started to “think out of the box” and decided to rent my most popular hypnotherapy self-improvement sessions to teach people how to hypnotize themselves for a fraction of what it costs for a private, in-office hypnotherapy session.

To be transparent with you. . .

Hypnosis is an audio science. It causes a long-term or permanent result only when listened to, “as directed” for 21 days and you accept all of the directions and suggestions provided by the hypnotherapist during the narration of the entire session. If you are hypnotizing yourself, you do so in your mind. You “think” and hear the suggestions much like I narrated them to you and you remember. You follow your own suggestions and directions to achieve a focused, deep state of relaxation followed by telling yourself to achieve the self-improvement you desire and then detailing how that should be and/or will be accomplished. In other words, in your mind, you remember what I said to you during a given self-improvement-self-hypnosis session and say it to yourself in your mind. This is achieved by listening to that session daily for 21 days. It is then locked into your memory and the subconscious mind is ready to administer to yourself much like I did it to you.

As you listen to me teach you self-hypnosis by guiding you into a gentle, luxurious hypnotic induction, after you have been brought out of hypnosis by me, you’ll clearly think and meditate on what I said and what you were thinking during the session. Doing this daily for 21 days within a 30-day rental period brings to mind, when called on by you, what I said and how I said it enabling you to duplicate that process to hypnotize yourself. Eventually, you’ll have the induction clearly in your memory and mind giving you the best and safest way to hypnotize yourself to achieve the major self-improvement or mood you selected on this website.

Suppose you undergo less than 21 sessions within 21 days. In that case, you could eventually dream out the hypnotic programming in your subconscious mind that enables you to hypnotize yourself to achieve the self-improvement you desire. Then, it would be said you “shot yourself in the foot” and failed. Don’t let that happen. Please accept and follow my directions and suggestions teaching you self-hypnosis by experiencing the hypnosis session you selected for self-improvement for 21 days within the 30-day rental period.

You do NOT need to SEE or be with me to be hypnotized. You only need to HEAR and pay attention to me. Your part is easy. I do most of the work teaching, hypnotizing, and programming you on this website to be able to hypnotize yourself to achieve the self-improvements you select on this website.

Why it’s wise to Rent.

So that you know, you don’t need to make an appointment. You’re hypnotized when and where you want to be. It’s private. Just listen. You save gas by being hypnotized at home—no traveling to a clinic or my office. Being hypnotized at home is more comfortable than in a clinic or office. Please feel free to consult with me all you want, free of any cost. My phone number is posted near the bottom of this page.

Simple, clear directions are provided with and during each hypnosis session on this website. Follow them closely and you’ll do quite well.


It costs $150.00 for a private hypnosis administered to you by me in a private session in my office. A daily private session administered to you in my office on 21 separate days would set you back $3,150.00. For the sake of intelligent economy, I narrated and recorded the most asked-for hypnosis session that I normally provide in my private office. I then installed them on this website so that you can listen to any one of them in your home on 21 separate days and learn to do them within a 30-day rental period for a mere $30.00 to $35.00. Need I say more?

Be smart. Why pay thousands of dollars when you can quickly learn self-hypnosis and hypnotize yourself to achieve the same self-improvement by renting the self-hypnosis session for thirty to thirty-five dollars and using it to improve yourself? And just to remind you, the net proceeds from your payment to rent for 30 days are added to other public funds the trust receives. The trust then spends that money to relieve human suffering by supporting charities that prevent children from starving and also to help destitute people in a world of hurt who cannot help themselves.

New Life Clinics is a highly regarded group of hypnotherapy clinics that collectively operate as a Charitable Trust owned by the people of the United States. The trust was established in 1993 to support nationally recognized charities that reduce or end human suffering. Since 1993, the massive number of hypnotherapy and self-hypnotherapy sessions provided by New Life Clinics volunteer Doctors of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Board Certified Hypnotherapists have helped save countless lives and reduced or ended the suffering of people in a world of hurt who cannot help themselves.


Please don’t hesitate to call or email me with any questions. I never charge for a consultation. Here is how to contact me:

Email: Please give me a day to respond. TIP: It’s quicker for you to call me directly on your cellphone so we can talk and get to know each other.

Be advised this entire website was structured to make it impossible to copy. This further protects all who visit and rent sessions from this website. That’s why you cannot copy this website or my phone number listed below. Please write down my phone number so you can call me at (928) 279-1848. Call between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Arizona Mountain Time Zone, Monday through Friday.

If I don’t answer, I’m tied up on another call or in session. Please slowly leave a clear, spoken message telling me your name, area code, phone number, and a brief message. I’ll call you back as soon as I can. So that you know, I respond only to SMS messages that contain phone numbers I can reach out to you on. I don’t respond to you using SMS back and forth to each other. We need to speak with one another on the phone. Once again, there is no consultation fee. I’m included with every hypnosis session you rent at no additional cost. I’m your doc; I’ve got your back. Please always feel free to talk to me.

Some people do not realize a successful hypnotherapy session. Below are the reasons why. It will be wise to read this so this does not happen to you.

Self or therapist-induced hypnosis is not religious, magic, voodoo, or demonic—people who tell you that are ignorant, and lack scientific facts, truth, and intelligence.

Hypnosis and its application for self-improvement therapy is a well-understood psychological science. Those who think otherwise are ignorant of scientifically established, proven facts about hypnosis and its use for therapy and learning purposes. Guided self-hypnotherapy administered by an experienced Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy who is also a Board-Certified Hypnotherapist is a safe, deeply relaxing experience. My guidance to help you access your subconscious mind and safely install proven suggestions and directions into it makes your odds for complete success extraordinarily high.



Hypnosis experienced only once or twice to achieve a desired self-improvement is usually short-lived. The primary reason hypnotherapy FAILS that was self-induced or administered by a capable hypnotherapist is the lack of undergoing 21 complete hypnosis sessions to realize a desired long-term or permanent result.

To increase the percentage of achieving a successful result, each session must be the same as the original session and provided by the same therapist once daily for 21 days within 30 days. If that is not done, the client has a 50% chance of therapy failing. If the hypnotherapy is not administered correctly, treatment will fail immediately during or after the session.


If the client does not, for any reason, accept all of the therapist’s directions and suggestions before, during, and after the session, hypnosis may not occur, and nothing is accomplished.

If the client does not trust the therapist or fears being manipulated in hypnosis by the therapist to do something against the client’s will, an adequate depth of hypnosis will not occur, and the therapy will fail.


The client will not go into an adequate state of hypnosis while trying to analyze the therapist and the hypnosis administered during the session. If the client experiments during the session by analyzing what the therapist says or pinches them self to determine if it’s felt or opens their eyes to look around, such interruptions to decide if they are hypnotized will prevent a state of hypnosis from occurring. Please avoid doing those things during any hypnosis session on this website.


The constant movement of various parts of the client’s body to distract and prevent relaxation hypnosis cannot occur. Please feel free to remain relaxed and still. If you keep moving around during the session, your subconscious mind will think you are resisting self-hypnosis.


If the client does not want to be hypnotized, hypnosis will not occur because nobody can be forced into a state of hypnosis. That’s because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. No human being can be hypnotized against their will. If the client does not want to be hypnotized, regardless of their reason, the therapist’s and the client’s access to their subconscious mind is blocked. Therefore, a required state of hypnosis will not occur.

If, on the other hand, the client decides to act out suggestions and directions given by the hypnotist during the session, the hypnotist can manipulate the client to act foolish such as during a comedian hypnotist’s stage show with the client’s unspoken permission. This is how a hypnotist on stage, or at a party, appears to have total control over the client and can direct the client to bark like a dog and quack like a duck and even make love to a metal folding chair. The client, who is a natural exhibitionist, plus the hypnotist, and the audience are all being comically entertained.

The doctors and I at New Life Clinics find this use of hypnosis unethical and strongly recommend you avoid any participation in a hypnotist’s stage show.


If the client does not remain focused on what the therapist is saying and mentally drifts off into other thoughts not involving the therapy or dozes off and naps during the induction, the desired outcome will not happen. It would be best to remain alert and focused on what the therapist is saying. You may suffer from sleep deprivation if you can’t stay awake and aware during a session. This is easily fixed by having a good night of restful sleep. You will then be better prepared to be alert and launch properly into the therapy administered.

Note: The therapist will likely use the word sleep or deep sleep several times during a traditional hypnotherapy induction. This does not mean you go to sleep like you do when you go to bed. The fact is, you cannot hear the therapist if you are in nocturnal sleep. When the therapist uses the phrase, deep sleep, it means deep relaxation that causes the client to appear asleep while in hypnosis but is entirely aware, alert, and clear on everything being said and done. You do not go unconscious in hypnosis, but you may look like you are unconscious by an untrained observer because you are so deeply relaxed.

Be smart. It’s a fact the more intelligent you are, the more susceptible you are to hypnotic programming and achieving what self-hypnotherapy is structured to accomplish.


Most people who are mentally challenged cannot be adequately hypnotized.


Conversely, brilliant people sometimes cannot hypnotize them self, even with a hypnotherapist’s help. This happens mostly to brilliant people because they attempt to analyze the hypnotherapy induction and program narrated by the hypnotherapist. No one, regardless of how bright they are, can be hypnotized if they attempt to analyze what the hypnotherapist is saying during the hypnotic induction and during the programming portions of the session.

To resist analyzing the therapist and the hypnotherapy administered is easy. The client only needs to take an attitude he/she does not care if the hypnosis works or not. All the client needs to do is relax and “go with the flow.” Then, deep hypnosis is quickly and easily achieved, and the highly analytical, intelligent client can be successfully hypnotized and benefit from self-hypnosis and self-programming with the therapist’ help.

While guided self-hypnosis with the therapist’s help does cause an extraordinarily high success rate, there is no such thing as a 100% success rate in achieving self-improvement using hypnotherapy. For some patients, permanent success occurs; for others, desired results are performed only in the long term. Every human being is different. Therefore, the results of hypnotherapy vary and ethically cannot be guaranteed. Beware of so-called hypnotists online who guarantee permanent, desired results caused by the hypnosis provided or your money back. And good luck with that promise being kept.


The net proceeds from rent the trust receives from clients treated to achieve significant self-improvement is immediately spent to support charities discussed on this website. We cannot retract what was paid for charitable support and refund it to a client. Fortunately, over the past 32 years, only a scarce few have requested a refund of any fee, rental or donation.

In summary, the odds of achieving self-improvement and excellent moods that make your day are extraordinarily high, provided you follow my directions and suggestions. However, if you fall off your self-improvement wagon despite our mutual best efforts to help avoid that tumble, we cannot refund your rent because it was donated to reduce or prevent human suffering.

Please know that when you rent a session, the net proceeds from your rent and the rent we receive from many others are spent to support charities that help relieve the suffering of people who are in a world of hurt and cannot help themselves. We can’t take the food bought with donations out of the mouths of starving children to achieve a refund.


New Life Hypnosis


Do you recall we mentioned helping people in a world of hurt that cannot help themselves? Have a look.

A picture of a man in distress

You can now do something that will make you feel good about yourself. If you rent a session on this website, you will have helped yourself, plus helped us to relieve a fellow human being from suffering.

When you rent a session, the rent you pay is really used as a donation from you and will be added to other public funds we receive. The net proceeds from your rent and public funds are spent to reduce or end the suffering of people who cannot help themselves. Honestly, isn’t that the way it should be?

Seriously, people are hurting. You can help end their suffering. Please rent a self-hypnotherapy session. There’s a lot of love that happens when you do.


New Life Hypnosis
New Life Hypnosis

“Dr. Bob” is your healthy lifestyle Doc. He’s got your back!

Here are three of our favorite charities we support with some of the donations we receive.

New Life Hypnosis


According to FEED THE CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL donation certifications, New Life Clinics’ Charitable Trust has donated several thousand dollars to feed hungry children. This was done to prevent children from starving from malnutrition. We have supported this charity for eight years. Please rent a session, which is a donation so we can keep up the “good” work. We thank you in advance for that, and so do folks who are relieved of suffering.

I thought you should know. . .

Your privacy is protected. With me and New Life Clinics Charitable Trust, you have “Doctor, Patient privileged information. Anything discussed between you and me about the hypnosis you experience on this website via email, on your cellphone, or in person is considered “Doctor, Patient Privileged information” and will never be revealed to anyone. The trust, clinic, and I will never spam you, annoy you with emails, ask you for additional donations, sell or give out any information about you.

This website is secured to protect your privacy and, credit or debit card account information you provide to rent self-hypnosis-self improvement audio sessions from this website.

Our lawyer and C.P.A. asked me to post this information statement to meet Google, the I.R.S., and New Life Clinics Charitable Trust’s disclosure requirements: New Life Clinics Charitable Trust and this website is a U.S. Federal and Arizona state income tax-exempt Charitable Trust owned by the citizens of the United States and operating as an online clinic.

If you are subject to U.S. and/or Arizona State income tax, any amount donated in the form of rent that is above $20.00 is tax deductible by you (under IRS quid pro quo rules). We are registered and certified by the Internal Revenue Service as a sub-section 509(a)2 CHARITABLE TRUST under section 501(c)3 of the Federal IRS tax code and applicable Arizona State Tax Codes. For additional information on IRS registered Charitable Organizations please visit

The people of the United States own New Life Clinics Charitable Trust and this website. It is directed by volunteer Trustees and managed by volunteer doctors plus volunteer technical and administrative staff. There is no payroll or employees at New Life Clinics Charitable Trust. The Trust’s IRS E.I.N. REGISTRATION NUMBER IS 943188165. Go to to confirm the trust’s tax-exempt status.


The Dream Date Hypnosis session is for women only. Sorry, gentlemen, but we don’t think you want to be hypnotized to go on a fantastic Dream Date with a handsome man 😉

Now for the boring legal stuff:

All of the hypnotherapy and hypnosis sessions made available from this website in any format are intended solely for the personal enrichment, self-improvement, and enjoyment of individuals aged 18 years or older.

While there may be implied benefits and health improvements from undergoing said hypnotherapy sessions, these sessions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any injury or illness. Dr. Robert G. Dean is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and does not practice psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, or medicine.

By visiting this Site and partaking in the hypnotherapy sessions made available from it, you certify that you are 18 years of age or older and agree to be bound to this site’s Terms and Conditions of UsePrivacy PolicyMedical DisclaimerDonation Agreement and all relevant disclaimers and disclosures including IRSFTC, and FDA disclosures. Your results may vary and are not guaranteed.
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