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Want to “Try Before You Buy”? Looking for a FREE hypnosis session to find out if it works for you? It’s near the bottom of this page. Please read this entire page before Dr. Dean hypnotize you on this website.

You can now experience, right here and now, a unique FREE hypnosis session called STRESS RELIEF HYPNOTHERAPY”. It’s completely FREE from any cost to you with no hype, fluff or “strings attached”. This free Stress Relief Hypnosis Session is complete, professional, full length and safe. It will hypnotize you to be stress free IF you listen to it as directed. Three minutes of directions are given to you before the 14 minute free session starts. Listen to them carefully and follow all of them to be assured of a luxurious, satisfying experience.

Scroll down and look for the session picture near the bottom of this page titled “STRESS RELIEF”. Click that picture. Click again where indicated to listen to that hypnosis session. After the session, if you feel comfy, relaxed and calm, it means you were hypnotized during the session. It also proves all of the hypnosis sessions on this website will work perfectly for you. Here you truly can “try before you buy”. That’s our ethics. Enjoy the session!

After experiencing the Stress Relief Session, check out the nine hypnosis sessions displayed. They are all “state-of-the-art” self-improvement hypnosis sessions. The function of those hypnosis sessions do achieve the following self-improvements listed in the green box below.


When you see and explore a session you want to own, we ask for an affordable one-time donation . If you donate what is asked for, you’ll immediately receive a download of that session or sessions as our way to say thank-you for your donation.

The donation for an audio download of a single SELF-IMPROVEMENT hypnosis therapy session displayed below is $20. A single hypnotic MOOD ENHANCEMENT HYPNOSIS session calls for a $10 donation. You’ll own and enjoy your selection(s) for life. The donation for a huge download of all 19 hypnosis sessions displayed below calls for a one-time $95 donation. That breaks down to $5.00 per session! There yours for unlimited use. That’s affordable only because we operate not-for-profit.

Seriously, would you have it any other way? To the best of our knowledge, there is no clinic, doctor, hypnotherapist or hypnotist that can approach this low price. Further, they cannot match or exceed the high quality of Dr. Robert Dean’s “state-of-the-art” hypnosis therapy audio sessions on this website. Okay, click, see, read, listen and explore. You’re really going to like this.


Below are 9 Pictures of unique, “state-of-the-art”, Self-Improvement Hypnosis Therapy Sessions. Those popular hypnosis sessions were created and narrated by Dr. Robert Dean. When any of those sessions are listened to “as directed“, they will HYPNOTIZE you to achieve the major self-improvements indicted by their titles. Please explore each of these hypnosis sessions. There’s a lot here for you, your family and friends to experience and enjoy.


Got a credit or debit card to make a one-time $20 donation? Keep in mind this is for your self-improvement, as well as helping us save lives. Ask yourself, is it worth donating $35 to stop smoking for good? That gets you the stop smoking and the stress relief hypnosis session packaged as a stop smoking program to achieve the highest success rate of which we are aware. If you smoke a pack a day, your spending approximately $2,920.00 every year! Yeah, we know, its nuts! Seems to us that $35 to end that expense and dangerous addiction sounds like a bargain. For those of you who are overweight, is a one-time $45 an affordable donation to lose all of your excess body fat and keep it off? It consist of the First Steps to Weight Loss, the powerful Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Session, plus the Exercise Motivation and Improve Self-Esteem Hypnosis Sessions making up our Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Program. And, while all that is helping you, you have helped us feed hungry children and other destitute people in a world of hurt. Hey, that’s got to make you feel good. Everyone wins.

Drilling down into this further, is it worth $20 to be relieved of stress, tension and nervousness? Yes, you really can own the stress relief session you tried out for free so you don’t have to come back to this website every time you want to shut down your stress. How much is a major improvement in self-esteem worth? How about ending insomnia to enjoy a luxurious, deep sleep every night? It’s good for life and works every time you need it. Now that has got to be worth a one-time, $20 donation. Do you need motivation to exercise? What about having more confidence? What would it be like to feel completely trouble free? And, if you’re down in the dumps (depressed) from time-to-time, is $20 a small price to be lifted out of depression and stay out of it? One thing is for sure; nobody can approach the high quality, low price and documented success rate of Dr. Dean’s hypnotherapy sessions. You really do get only the best. He has over 32 years in practice, and yeah, experience does matter. Once again, would you have it any other way?

The 10 mood enhancement sessions are, for a limited time only included with the 10 self-improvement sessions. They are perfect for enjoying your own relaxing “happy hour”. We’re talking about being really mellow, laid back, and luxuriously comfy or being in the mood to have fun. We could go on and on about all 10 of these marvelous mood enhancement hypnotic sessions. Just look at the mood session’s title to know what kind of mood it will put you in. And, know, you’ll get all ten hypnotic moods listed below. The 10 self-improvement hypnotherapy audio sessions (which includes the free stress relief session) and the 10 mood enhancement audio hypnotherapy sessions gives you 20 of the highest endorsed hypnotherapy sessions in America. You’ll own, enjoy and benefit from them for life . Enjoy sharing them with family and friends, too.

Hey! We’re almost to the end of this page. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

DISCLOSURE #1: The mood session titled “Dream Date” is reserved only for women. Sorry guys, but we don’t think you would like to be hypnotized to go on a dream date, in your mind, while in hypnosis, with the perfect MAN who has a handsome appearance, speaks enticing words and creates pleasurable feelings for women. DISCLOSURE #2: Tell you’re wife or best gal that listens to “Dream Date” you are the guy she dates during the dream date hypnosis session. DISCLOSURE #3: After she has finished the session, be prepared to run out of the room with your hands in the air screaming. She’ll be after you! For your safety, please click and explore the mood sessions below. Seriously, these are moods you’ll enjoy from time-to-time that really do make your day! Below are the titles to the Mood Enhancement Hypnosis Audio Sessions. You can get any single session below for a modest $10. donation or get all ten of them along with Dr. Dean’s 9 Self-Improvement Hypnotherapy Sessions for a total of 19 session for a $95 donation. Note, the stress session is free making it a total of 20 sessions.

Dream DateFeel GoodHappinessHaving FunLovedMellow Feelings Peace of MindSpiritual SelfTrouble Free Wonderful You

DISCLOSURE: This rare offer is a charitable fundraiser. It will remain on this website until the trustees see that their fundraising goal has been met. It looks like that could happen any day now. Seriously, you need to act now. Please take the Stress Relief Hypnosis Session for a “test drive”. If you liked the experience your good to donate and download the session(s) you want before the Trustees take this offer off line or increase the donation to match the commercial retail price commonly charged by others online (about 75% higher than the donation currently requested). The insanely low donation now requested is only possible because we operate not-for-profit and needed funds now to continue our charitable purposes. Therefore, the Trustees decided not to ask for the regular market value of Dr. Dean’s hypnotherapy sessions. They decided to offer a rock-bottom price for the sessions which would assure enough funds would be quickly raised to meet the immediate needs of those in need. This wise decision reduced the price of Dr. Dean’s hypnosis sessions by 50 to 75% depending on which program you select or the number individual sessions you select. Once again that suggested donation (price) will end any day now. Please act now to acquire the sessions you desire for what is currently the lowest cost for professional hypnosis session audio downloads on line. Considering Dr. Dean’s high quality audio narrations, documented success rate and exceptionally high level of endorsements, and unlimited access to a free Stress Relief Hypnosis audio session on line so you can “Try Before You Buy”, you are getting a rare bargain. BELIEVE IT!

DISCLOSURE: This website is owned and operated by New Life Clinics Charitable Trust as a tax exempt, not-for-profit charitable trust under section 501(c)3, s/s 509(a)2, of the I.R.S. codes, FEIN, 94-3188165). The trust is owned by the people of the United States. The trust owns and operates this online clinic’s website to provide major self-improvement counseling and hypnosis therapy sessions to achieve major mental and physical health improvements. We have been doing this for over three decades! Now you know how and why our team of Board Certified Hypnotherapists and Doctors of Clinical Hypnotherapy have collectively hypnotized well over THREE MILLION PEOPLE in that period of time.

DISCLOSURE: It will take 3 Minutes to listen to Dr. Dean’s instructions BEFORE you begin his free stress relief hypnosis session on this website. Do not attempt to be hypnotized until you have listened to 3 minutes of clear instructions you need to be assured of a safe, successful hypnotherapy session. After listening to the 3 minutes of instructions, Click the arrow point on the audio player to listen to the 14 minute Stress Relief Hypnotherapy Session. That’s more than sufficient for you to determine if you can be hypnotized to achieve self-improvements. You’ll also know and if you liked Dr. Dean’s hypnotherapy. If you liked your Doc, that’s when you’re good to donate to get the sessions of your choice or all 20 sessions in one huge download. To properly and safely prepare for any hypnosis session, click here>HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ASSURE YOU OF A DESIRABLE RESULT. Then scroll down to PREPARE FOR SUCCESS. When you are done, click the backspace button on your device to return to here.

The stop smoking and weight loss hypnotherapy sessions displayed on this page are documented by an independent laboratory to have an 84% success rate. This extraordinary result was revealed by an independent survey of 10,000 clients conducted by Mind Profiles Laboratory and a survey of 200 City of San Francisco’s Department of Health employees. Those surveyed were hypnotized by New Life Clinics Charitable Trust’s Doctors of Clinical Hypnotherapy and/or Board Certified Hypnotherapists in large group sessions, private office sessions or by listening to sessions on CDs or via audio downloads online. All other sessions realize a success rate in the mid to high 90% range when listened to “as directed”. Be advised, we are not aware of any Doctor, Hypnotherapist, or hypnotist on or off line that can prove, with credible certification, that high of a success rate. We’ll say it again; would you have it any other way?

Hello, I’m Dr. Robert G. Dean, Ph.D., C.Hth.

With your permission, I’ll be o hypnotizes you to achieve self-improvements.


With New Life Clinics’ download of my 20 most popular hypnosis sessions you’ll also get me (your doctor) for the rest of my career. You’ll also get my healthy lifestyle guide. I’ll be your Healthy Lifestyle Counselor. This is FREE from any cost to you!

Honestly, I’m on your side. I’ve got your back. Should you run into a rough patch while achieving your goals related to the hypnotherapy provided, call me. Put me on speed dial. I’ll listen to you. I won’t judge you. I’ll provide you professional counsel that quickly gets you on the right path to achieve your goals. There is no charge for this valuable service. Call me between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Arizona Mountain Time Zone, Monday-Saturday. (928) 279-1848.

DISCLOSURE: Be advised you cannot be hypnotized to do anything against your will during or after any of my hypnosis sessions, nor would I ever attempt to do so. You need not worry about being hypnotized to spend money, donate, reveal secrets or make love to a metal folding chair to entertain your friends. It can’t happen! You would snap out of your hypnotic state instantly. So, relax. We are professionals at New Life Clinics and not stage comedian hypnotists.

You’ll get only the best! See for yourself. We come to you with over 80 major Endorsements and References. Check them out. They’ll surprise you!

Can you be hypnotized?

Some people believe they cannot be hypnotized. However, because you came to this website regarding hypnosis therapy, it means you are probably smart and the truth is you most likely will successfully be hypnotized to get what you desire.

On average, EIGHT out of every TEN people who come to this website to be hypnotize are successfully hypnotized. The TWO people who can’t be will not follow the hypnotist’s directions and suggestions during the hypnosis induction. These people play around with what they hear. They test it by distracting themselves, pinching themselves or opening their eyes to look around. They try to analyze the hypnosis and the doctor administering the session. Some people don’t pay attention to what the doctor is saying to them. They drift off by thinking about things that have nothing to do with what the therapist is saying during the session. They did not prepare to be hypnotized, as directed, to have a proper, safe session. That behavior makes it impossible to achieve a state of hypnosis needed to realize a desired result.

If you follow all of my directions before and during the session and you have at least average intelligence, you’ll achieve a luxurious state of hypnosis every time. Trust me. You’ll truly enjoy it. To get what you want from each session simply pay attention to what I’m saying to you during the session. Use your imagination or act out, your way, what I suggest and you should achieve what you want from the hypnosis sessions you select.

For your convenience, there is no need to scroll back up to the top of this page to order the hypnosis sessions displayed there. The same 9 hypnosis sessions listed near the top of this page plus the 10 mood enhancement sessions displayed below and the free stress relief hypnosis session can be order as individual sessions or all of the session in one huge download. The free stress relief session is also on every session’s page on this website for you to enjoy as often as you like free from any cost to you. If you want to own it, you can donate $20 and its yours or when you donate $95 it will automatically be included in that huge download of 19 sessions.

There are 3 Donation choices: Choice #1: Donate $10 once for a single Mood Enhancement Hypnosis Session audio download. Choice #2: Donate $20.00 for a single Self-Improvement Hypnotherapy Audio Session. Choice #3: Donate $95 for one huge download of all 19 hypnosis sessions displayed below. Note: The free stress relief hypnosis session is also included in that download making a total of 20 hypnosis sessions you’ll own and enjoy for life. 10 out of the 19 sessions featured below are mood enhancement hypnosis sessions. Please click any of the session’s pictures displayed below to read about them. Do take the stress relief hypnosis session for a free “test drive”. Then you can intelligently decide what sessions you want to own. Finally, please donate to download your selection. All of these sessions are affordable and will cause major self-improvements and joy in your life. Any questions, call me between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Mon-Sat, Arizona Mountain Time Zone. (928) 279-1848 Remember, I’m your healthy life style Doc. I’ve got your back. I’m here to serve and help you for as long as I remain in practice.

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