Welcome to New Life Clinics, featuring America’s most affordable “state-of-the-art” self-improvement hypnosis therapy sessions. Donate once what you like and all 20 of them are yours.

Download and own the 20 audio hypnosis sessions listed below? Their titles tell you what they will do for you. They are not for sale. Instead, you donate just once what you can comfortably afford, then they are immediately given to you as our way to say “thank-you” for your one-time donation. Yep, you really do get to decide how much you want to donate. Then make that donation and all 20 self-improvement hypnosis sessions are yours. The net proceeds from your donation are put with others we receive and spent to reduce or end the suffering of people in a world of hurt that cannot help themselves such as hungry children and people who can’t walk and need a wheelchair.

Before you donate, scroll down and look at the title of each session listed below. The title tells you what Dr. Dean hypnotizes you to achieve or experience. Click the title to learn more about the session. After you have explored all of those sessions, you can take a fun 3-minute test to determine you can be hypnotized. After the test, please enjoy a free complete Relief from Stress Hypnosis Session. Then you’ll know Dr. Robert Dean’s hypnosis therapy works for you. That’s when you can make your donation and immediately receive all 20 of the Doc’s most popular hypnosis sessions listed below. You’ll Own and benefit from them for life. You can share them with adult friends and family, too.

1st Steps to Weight Loss, Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, Quit Smoking, Stress Relief, Sleep Better, Exercise Motivation, Increase Self-Esteem, Have Self-Confidence, Be Trouble Free, End the Blues (Relief from common Depression), Have Fun, Have Peace of Mind, Feel Loved, Feel Good, Dream Date (for an adventurous woman only), Feel Happiness, Feel Mellow, Attracting Others, Experience Your Spiritual Self, Feel Wonderful. Each session is safe, complete and full length. Each session is equal in quality and achieves the same results as an in-office private hypnosis therapy session. All 20 sessions were created and narrated by Dr. Robert G. Dean, Ph.D., C.Hth. Be advised you do not have to see the hypnotherapist for hypnosis to work. Hypnosis is an “audio science”. One only needs to listen to the session to be properly and deeply hypnotized to achieve major self-improvements.

We operate not-for-profit. That’s why you get to decide how much you want to donate to own all 20 self-improvement hypnosis sessions. Honestly, there is no fluff, hype or strings attached. Seriously, would you have it any other way?


You’re really going to have fun with this!

Click the player’s RED button below. Adjust the sound to clearly hear Dr. Dean speaking to you. Please follow his directions to quickly test yourself. Then you’ll know if you can be hypnotized. And, for what it’s worth, you’ll not be hypnotized to donate, spend money or do anything against your will.

If you passed either or both tests, you’re good to Click here to listen to Dr. Dean’s complete FREE Stress Relief Hypnosis Therapy Session. You’re really going to like how relaxed and calm you’ll feel after this session! Keep in mind you can listen to this session any time you want and as often as you like on this website free from any cost to you. Living stress free is good for your physical and mental health and extends your life span. You have got to experience this hypnosis session. You’ll love it!

Hypnosis that works

We are a publicly supported. Public donations pay for the tests and professional stress relief hypnosis sessions on this website. That’s why they are yours to experience free from any cost to you.

We thought you would like to see what it looks like to be hypnotized to be relieved of stress and tension.

Man in hypnosis for Stress Relief
Woman in hypnosis for Stress Relief

This man and woman are pictured in a state of soothing hypnosis. They are listening to Dr. Dean’s free Stress Relief Hypnosis Session. You can listen on your cell phone, tablet or computer, too. Honestly, it’s really a soothing experience. Please scroll down now and follow the Doc’s easy directions so you can experience this session and find out if you can be hypnotized.


We operate not-for-profit. That’s why you can afford to grab all 20 hypnosis sessions listed on this website for whatever you would care to donate. Collectively these 20 audio hypnotherapy sessions are worth hundreds of dollars. Yeah, we know… it’s insane. BELIEVE IT! Then go for it! Over 3 million people already have.

Donate what you can afford and makes you feel good knowing you are helping yourself and relieving folks from suffering, too.

We can tell you that most folks donate $20. That’s only one dollar per session. That’s affordable for most everyone. You, however, can donate more or less. Simply donate what seems fair to you and you’ll get all 20 sessions. The point is to act now so you will receive and own 20 “state-of-the-art”, professional, complete, full-length audio SELF-IMPROVEMENT and MOOD ENHANCEMENT hypnosis sessions. Each session is narrated by Dr. Robert Dean who is a nationally recognized Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy with over 32 years in practice! You get it all right here and now for whatever you choose to donate. Would you have it any other way?

After you donate, a link will immediately appear in your email. Please do not delete that email. It’s the only way you can initially access all 20 sessions. Next, click the link and a page on which all 20 sessions are listed appears. Bookmark that page. Thereafter, all sessions are accessed simply by clicking that book marked page on which the sessions are listed. Click any one of the 20 sessions listed. The audio hypnosis session will begin. Follow the doc’s simple, easy directions and enjoy a marvelous hypnosis session to achieve a major self-improvement or be hypnotized to be in a marvelous mood that “makes-your-day”. 10 of the sessions are for self-improvements. The remaining 10 sessions put you in unique moods of your choice that really do “make your day wonderful”.

There is no-payroll at New Life Clinics. We are an all-volunteer organization. Dr. Dean does receive a modest royalty from the trust for providing all 20 of his most popular, “state-of-the-art”, hypnosis sessions to those who donate to New Life Clinics Charitable Trust

Still not convinced? Not sure or maybe a little nervous about this?

Maybe you believe you can NOT be hypnotized. You may have been told only mentally challenged, gullible people can be hypnotized. You may think a hypnotist can control you and make you bark like a dog, make love to a metal folding chair or spend money. (Okay, you can stop grinning now). Seriously, professional hypnosis therapy is a science. It’s not a Las Vegas stage show. Clinical hypnotherapy is a widely accepted, valid, clinical treatment that benefits millions of adults nationwide every year. Check out the links at the very top of this page for more details.

Hypnosis Therapy

It’s a fact, the brighter you are, the smarter you are, the more susceptible you are to hypnosis. Before you test yourself or experience any of Dr. Dean’s hypnosis sessions, be advised you will not be hypnotized to act stupid, donate money or do anything against your will. Once again, it’s a fact, you cannot be hypnotized to do anything against your will. You do not go unconscious. You are always aware and in control of what’s going on during and after Dr. Dean’s hypnosis sessions.

People who do not want to be hypnotized or have a specific psychological disorder or are mentally challenged usually cannot be hypnotized. So, if you want to be hypnotized, and you’re smart and not crazy, you probably can be hypnotized. If you have not listened to the two three-minute tests and the free full length stress relief hypnosis session, you really do need to scroll back up do so now so you can be hypnotized before you donate. Book mark this website if you don’t have the time to do this now but want to do it later. This is too good of an offer to pass up.

Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy

It’s always a good idea to check out your doctor’s and hypnotherapy clinic’s references and endorsements before you’re hypnotized? Have a look. We come to you with 80 credible references and endorsements that will surprise you.

We are talking about endorsements and references from employees and members of major organizations, corporations, law enforcement agencies, unions, cities, counties, states, veterans organizations, medical care facilities and professional associations. Since 1993 we have grown to be the largest and oldest nationwide, nonprofit online hypnotherapy clinic in America. Collectively, over three million people have been hypnotized by our staff of doctors and Board-Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists in large group sessions, on CDs, on YouTube, online, in our offices or listening to downloads provided on this website.

This is our ethics. Would you have it any other way?

A small percentage of the population can’t be hypnotized. If both free tests (above) initially reveal you cannot be hypnotized, go to a quiet place and relax. Then take both 3-minute tests again. This time closely follow all of the Doc’s simple directions. Please do not try to analyze the hypnosis provided or analyze Dr. Dean’s administration of his hypnosis to you. Nobody can be hypnotized while in a state of analysis. Just “go with the flow” and carry out all of the doc’s suggestions and directions he gives to you, and you should easily pass both tests and really enjoy the stress relief hypnosis session, too. If, however, the tests didn’t work for you, our ethics ask you not to donate. We don’t want you to donate just to find out afterward you cannot be hypnotized.

Pictograph of Hypnosis used in psychotherapy

Below is detailed info on all 20 audio hypnosis sessions?

Scroll down and Click the session’s pictures to learn about them. Then donate what you can afford to get all 20 audio sessions displayed below downloaded into your email. You’ll own and benefit from them for life! Share them with family and close friends, too.

Dr. Dean recommends reading the URANTIA Book for lifestyle improvement. Google it. It’s free online.

With these 20 hypnosis therapy sessions you’ll also receive Dr. Dean’s free “eye opening” 39 page Healthy Life Style Guide. Also, be smart. Check out all the links at the top of this page. Learn how hypnosis really works and get detailed info about us and Dr. Dean.

Hypnotherapy online

Oh! But there’s more! Have a look. . .

It’s smart to know the doctor who hypnotizes you. Check out Dr. Robert Dean’s background, education, training, and experience. We think you’re going to really like the Doc. His clients fondly call him “Doctor Bob“. From him you get the only the very best.

Dr. Robert G. Dean Ph.D. Hypnotherapist
Hypnosis Therapy

For the record: We are a tax-exempt government approved 501(c)3, sub section 509(a)2, charitable organization owned by the people of the United States. We are managed by volunteer Doctors. Our IRS registration number is: “EIN 94-3188165.

We are not a commercial clinic. We are a Charitable Trust owned by the people of the United States. Therefore, you will not be spammed, pestered or asked to donate again.

This will give you an idea of what we do with your one-time donation:

Human Suffering

After you have received the doc’s 20 hypnosis sessions, your one-time donation will be added to other public donations we receive. The net proceeds of all donations are spent to reduce or end the suffering of people that cannot help themselves. Honestly, would you have it any other way?


Robert G. Dean, Ph.D. is fondly referred to by his clients as “Doctor Bob“. He’s a person you’ll enjoy getting to know. He has your back and is on your side. Do call and enjoy chatting with him if you have any questions or need info. His phone number is listed below. The Doc does not respond to SMS text messages. He prefers to listen and talk with you on cell phone.

Stay in touch with your Doc.

“Dr. Robert Dean (Dr. Bob) is available to chat with between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Arizona Mountain Time Zone, Monday through Saturday. (928) 279-1848. If he is on the phone with a client when you call, he can’t talk to you at that time. Therefore, leave a clear phone mail message. Slowly say your name and phone area code and number. The Doc will call you back.

Dr. Bob is your healthy life style Doc. He is available to consult with by telephone. No charge. Honest! Your sessions are yours to enjoy for life. So, Dr. Dean comes along with them to provide to you free consultations for as long as he remains in practice. Hey, really, the 20 sessions are an amazing bargain. They’re affordable. Please donate. There are a lot of people hurting out there that need our help and you need major self-improvements and to enjoy being in marvelous moods. So, let’s do this together. Please donate.

Here are two of our favorite charities that we support.

Feed the children logo.
Wheel chair foundation logo.

Charities New Life Clinics Supports

New Life Clinics Charitable Trust has fed over 20,000 hungry boys and girls 3 good meals a day for over 8 years with the net proceeds from public donations.

In advance, we thank-you for your donation. We know you’ll enjoy our thank-you gift of 20 hypnosis sessions. A lot of people in a world of hurt that cannot help themselves thank you, too.

☎ 928-279-1848

Office hours, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Mon-Sat, Arizona Mountain Time Zone

✉ drrobertdean@gmail.com

Trust Office: 5536 N. Copper Canyon Way, Kingman, AZ 86409

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