If you are looking for an affordable, 5-star rated, “state-of-the-art”, hypnosis session audio download for self-improvement, you ‘re on the right website. You can “try before you buy”. Scroll way down and locate an amazing FREE 12-minute hypnosis session that makes you “FEEL GOOD”. It will amaze you. Then you’ll know you can be hypnotized and that our doctor’s hypnosis works for you.

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There are 22 different hypnosis sessions in a bundle listed below on this page. The’re affordable because we operate “not-for-profit”. We are a charitable clinic owned by the people of the United States. Therefore we ask for a one-time modest donation and gift to you the hypnosis sessions bundle or the individual session(s) you select as our way to say thank-you for your one-time modest donation. 

Each hypnosis session download on this website was developed and narrated by Dr. Robert G. Dean. Here, you get a nationally recognized hypnotist. He has over 31 years in practice and holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Check the Doc out. Click the link above, “About Your Hypnotist”. We think you’ll be impressed. Then Click Endorsements (top right corner of page). We think you’ll be even more  impressed. In other words, you get only the best! He’s  the doctor who will hypnotize you to achieve major self-improvements you desire. (See below all of our sessions for you to enjoy).

If you need to talk to the Doc, call  (928) 279-1848. Mon-Sun, 9 am to 9 pm, Arizona, Mnt. zone. No charge… free consultation. Dr. Dean also does private hypnosis sessions via cellphone for a low, (nonprofit) one-time donation. Call for details.

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Below are the 22 different hypnosis session you’ll get. Each of these sessions will hypnotize you to experience or achieve what their title indicates. Follow the directions provided, listen, be hypnotized and enjoy! You’ll be amazed and delighted. Keep scrolling down to see everything.

Stop Smoking

Stop smoking dead in its tracks, for good.

Weight Loss

Reduce 2 to 3 clothing sizes in just a few weeks, safely.

Sleep Better

Quickly and gently puts you asleep.  Sleep all night, every night.

Exercise Motivation

Go for a pleasant walk or do indoor exercises to tone up.

Stress Relief

Soothes, calms and relaxes. A great daily time out.

Improve Self-Esteem

Truly like who and what you are.

Attract Others

Causes delightful changes in you, which are attractive to others.

Common Discomfort Relief

Help relieve those minor aches and pains.

Dream Date

For adventurous women.  We take you on an amazing, exciting date.

End The Blues

Stop feeling down. Start enjoying life.

Feel Good

Feel super good. Be good and cause others to be good to you.

1st Steps To Weight Loss

A powerful way to start your weight loss diet.


Experience deeply felt, genuine happiness. Attracts others to you.

Have Confidence

Become fully confident. Ends fear of failure. You’re in charge.

Having Fun

Has you feeling fun, having lots of fun and to have around.

Increase Love & Intimacy

Enjoy your partner in ways you never thought possible.


Brings up in you, deep feelings of love for others and causes them to love you.

Mellow Feelings

Soothes, calms, and slows everything down so you feel mellow.

Peace of Mind

Real peace of mind. You’re content and at ease.

Spiritual Self

Connects in a beautiful, unique way your spirit with the spirit of others.

Trouble Free

Not a care in the world.  Your mind is free of all trouble.

Wonderful You

Brings to light how truly wonderful you really are.

Find out if you can be hypnotized. Free tests, Free session.

Here Is what people are saying
about Dr. Dean's hypnotherapy.


Recently I celebrated my fifth-year, non-smoking anniversary. Your methods really helped me when I believed there was no way I could adopt a smoke-free lifestyle. I give thanks every day for this freedom. Thanks Dr. Bob.

Fred Treadwell

Your results may vary.

Hypnotherapy changed my life – actually gave me more control and peace of mind. Best decision I ever made – thank you!

Rose Stein

Your results may vary.

Thank you so much! Dr. Dean is the only one that works for me. His voice is perfect for me!

Line Marie Goulet

Your results may vary

Kiran Santhosh

Dr. Dean’s hypnosis sessions improved my life. His stress relief audio session and sleep better audio session are awesome. He not only helps people through his wonderful audio hypnotherapy sessions. He replied to every email I sent to him with patience and detailed explanations of my queries. This is a man who does hypnotherapy right.

Kiran Santhosh

Your results may vary

Andy Bui

After the session, I slept for more than 8 hrs. I did wake up twice because of a back problem I have, but each time I imagined I was in a very deep sleep and immediately went back to sleep. Before using Dr. Dean’s Sleep Better Hypnotherapy, it would take hours of twists and turns before I was able to sleep. Thanks, Dr. Dean. Now I’m sleeping like a baby and wake up the next morning feeling great!

Andy Bui

Your results may vary.

Joseph Creer

Dr. Dean I did it. You helped me. Your therapy and friendship mean the world to me.  Your hypnosis session to increase self-confidence gave me the edge to win the match! I’m now on my way to being the Champion in my weight class.

Joseph Creer, Professional, World Class Cage Fighter with his lovely wife and daughter.

Your results may vary.

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