New Life Hypnosis: Your Gateway to a Better You.

Welcome to New Life Hypnosis, where your journey to self-improvement is guided by the expertise of Dr. Robert Dean. With over 32 years of experience in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Dr. Dean and his team of Doctors of Clinical Hypnotherapy has collectively helped over a million individuals, nationwide, to harness the power of hypnosis to achieve major self-improvements. 

Explore the Potential Within

Each of us has the capacity for remarkable growth and change. At New Life Hypnosis, we offer a range of hypnosis sessions designed to tap into your inner potential and foster significant self-improvement.

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Unleashing Your Inner Strength

At New Life Hypnosis, we are an authority in the transformative power of the mind. Our hypnosis sessions are more than just audio experiences; they are gateways to unlocking your inner potential. Whether you’re looking to overcome personal obstacles, foster positive habits, or simply find a sense of peace, our program offers the tools you need for personal empowerment.


The Science Behind Hypnosis

Hypnosis is backed by decades of scientific research and practice. It’s a method proven to influence positive change in behavior, thought patterns, and emotional well-being. By tapping into the power of your subconscious mind, you can initiate changes that resonate deeply within you, leading to lasting improvements in your life.



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Nonprofit Status: A Commitment to Giving, Not Selling


Upholding Our Nonprofit Ethos

At New Life Hypnosis, we stand distinct in our approach to providing self-improvement services. As a nonprofit entity, our primary mission is not sales, but service and contribution. This fundamental aspect of our organization shapes how we operate and interact with our clients.

A Unique Exchange: Donations for Sessions

We don't sell hypnosis sessions; instead, we offer them in exchange for donations. This model aligns with our nonprofit status and reinforces our commitment to societal betterment. When you choose a session, the amount you contribute is not a payment for a product but a donation towards a cause.

Why Donations?

The donation-based model serves a dual purpose:

    1. Supporting Our Mission: It helps sustain our operations, ensuring we can continue to offer high-quality hypnotherapy sessions.
    2. Extending Charitable Efforts: Your contributions are instrumental in supporting our various charitable initiatives, as previously outlined.

Your Contribution's Impact

By opting for a session with us, you're not merely receiving a service; you're actively participating in a cycle of giving that benefits both your personal growth and the wider community. This method of exchange underlines our commitment to maintaining and honoring our nonprofit status.

Charitable Impact: Making a Difference with Every Session

A Heart for Giving Back

At New Life Hypnosis, we are an authority in the power of giving back. Our unique approach to business intertwines your journey of self-improvement with a mission to support those in need. By choosing our hypnosis sessions, you're not just investing in your well-being; you're contributing to a larger cause.

Where Your Support Goes

The net proceeds from every session are channeled towards New Life Clinics Charitable Trust. This trust is dedicated to relieving human suffering in various forms:

    1. Feeding Starving Children: We help provide essential nutrition to children in need, ensuring they have the sustenance they require for healthy development.
    2. Supporting Mobility for the Disabled: A portion of our funds goes towards purchasing wheelchairs and mobility aids for those who cannot afford them, offering a new lease on life for individuals with mobility challenges.
    3. Educational Support for Fallen Marines' Children: In partnership with the Marine Corps League, we fund college scholarships, aiding the children of fallen Marines in their pursuit of higher education.

Your Role in Our Mission

Every session not only aids in your personal growth but also becomes a part of this compassionate endeavor. Your choice to work with us extends beyond self-improvement, becoming a gesture of kindness and solidarity with those facing challenges around the world.

A Cycle of Goodness

This cycle of goodness is a core part of our identity at New Life Hypnosis. We're not just a hypnotherapy provider; we're a community committed to making a positive impact. With your participation, we continue to extend our reach, offering hope and practical assistance to those in need.

Make A Donation

Support Change and Healing

Your donation plays a crucial role in empowering individuals and communities. By contributing, you are not just supporting a cause, but actively participating in a movement of positive transformation and healing.

Your donation is more than a gift; it's a catalyst for change.

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