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New Life Clinics Charitable Trust is a not-for-profit, nationwide foundation which funds each professional online hypnosis sessions you select. There are “No Strings Attached”. 

Click to SEE and HEAR Dr. Robert Dean brief you about hypnotizing you safely online. He will give you clear advice after which you’ll select and begin a free, complete, professional hypnotherapy session. It’s a safe, soothing and amazing experience. And yes, it really works! It will cause meaningful self-improvement you desire. Enjoy!

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You made a wise choice.  So did over one million men and woman who cam to us to be hypnotized for self-improvement.  Here’s why…

It’s FREE. No hassles. No paperwork or insurance required. No bill to pay. And YES!…when you are ready, you do get a free, professional hypnosis session on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It’s easy. Read this page, then watch, listen and enjoy being hypnotized.

It’s convenient. No appointment needed. No travel required. No waiting. It’s simply a relaxing “time out” to be hypnotized. The free hypnosis sessions on this website are administered to you from your computer, tablet or smartphone in the comfort, security and privacy of your own home or wherever you can be online. (Note: Please do not attempt to be hypnotized while driving a motor driven vehicle).

You own us! New Life Clinics Charitable Trust (the foundation that sponsors and owns this website) pays for all the free hypnotherapy sessions provided to you. The foundation is owned by the people of the United States (that means you, too). The foundation funds this website which administers hundreds of thousands of hypnotherapy sessions narrated by our doctors.

Tell us what you need and we deliver! We provide a variety of different types of free, online hypnosis sessions for meaningful self-improvement. Be sure to check them all out . We invite you to receive a complete, professional, free hypnosis session. Each hypnosis sessions is a different session administered to you on this website. That’s SIX different, complete sessions!

You get a complete hypnotherapy session. Our doctor’s hypnosis sessions are never abbreviated or shortened hypnosis session. It’s the exact, same session you would experience in a private office visit provided in person by a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

A private session typically costs $140.00. That same hypnosis session provided to you on your smartphone, tablet or computer from this website is completely free to you. Simply choose the sessions you would like (or need) from this website. Remember all hypnosis sessions on this website are free to the public because they are funded by New Life Clinics Charitable Trust, a not-for-profit foundation.

It’s risk free! Providing to you each session we offer on this website to try out is the only way to know if you can be hypnotized and which of our SIX sessions on this website you’ll like best. It’s the only way to know if our doctor’s hypnotherapy works for you. It also gives you a complete experience of what the hypnosis sessions you select are all about. Putting it simply, would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive?  Now you can ” test drive your doctor’s hypnotherapy sessions” safely without any cost to you. Remember, New Life Clinics is a tax exempt, nonprofit charity owned by the people of the United States. They are publicly supported. Therefore, AFTER you have enjoyed a a few, FREE hypnosis session on this website we ask for a one-time, modest donation.  If you donate what you can afford, we will immediately provide you with a regimen of 10-minute reinforcement hypnosis sessions to lock in the hypnotic programming your doctor gently installed into your subconscious mind. This has proven to increase, on average, a patient’s success rate from 16% with only one session to 83% after completing your doctor’s regimen of 10- minute reinforcement hypnotherapy sessions. This is something everyone enjoys. It’s like taking a soothing 10-minute time-out from your daily routine. We think you’ll like how every one of our hypnosis session leaves you feeling.

Twice is way better than once! Just maybe you’ll need to experience a given hypnosis session more than once to determine you like what it does for you. Hey! Not a problem. Select any of our online hypnosis sessions and enjoy them. Then, you can make an informed decision Then, you can make an informed decision to determine if you want to continue with our doctor’s hypnotherapy or not. If you do (and we think you will)  simply donate where indicated on this website. You will then immediately receive  a download of the reinforcement hypnosis session to own and use when you want, as often as you like, off line for life. It’s yours! The reinforcement hypnotherapy session downloaded to you is our gift to you to say thank-you for your donation. We also include Dr. Dean’s guide related to the hypnosis session you experienced.

Help! Stop the Hurt! As a charity and clinic that provides behavioral health and self-improvement hypnotherapy, we realize a lot of people are in a world of hurt who just cannot help themselves. Those folks, are thankful for you. After all cost are paid to operate the trust’s websites and pay the overhead costs to operate the foundation, surplus funds are used to support nationally recognized charities. The trust supports Wheelchair Foundation and Rotary International, the Marine Corps League College Scholarship Fund for children of fallen Marines, Feed the Children International, plus others. And, for what its worth, there is NO payroll at New Life Clinics Charitable Trust or the clinic itself.  We are all full-time volunteers (mostly retired therapists and doctors) who donate much of our time serving Americans nationwide on this website and the hypnotherapy it provides to hundreds of thousands of folks worldwide.

You’re completely informed of what’s so. We provide full disclosure, regarding our hypnotherapy and our Doctors. We show you how it all works and what you can count on to get from us on this website and the sessions you experience. Click every link on each page you explore and read what comes up on your screen. Then you’ll have a complete understanding of what everything on this website is all about including what you get from us.

You get only the best! Dr. Robert G. Dean, Ph.D., C.Hth. will be your Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy who hypnotizes you. Dr. Dean is the Chief Resident Hypnotherapist at New Life Clinics. Over the past two decades he pioneered and perfected online hypnotherapy to be safe and as effective as a high cost private session in a clinic. The results are the same other than our online hypnotherapy sessions are free from cost to you and way more convenient! Our Patients tell us that their online hypnotherapy experience with us is better and easier than a private office hypnotherapy session.

We come to you highly endorsed.  Click here to view Dr. Dean’s and New Life Clinics’ 80 + References and endorsements. We think you’ll be impressed. There is a lot  to be discovered here.

Is it worth it? How much does it now cost you in  happiness and money to continue and live with your disorders? We’re talking about disorders such as being overweight, smoking cigarettes, suffering from stress, lacking self-esteem, etc.? How badly do your disorders affect your health, happiness and well being? Is it worth taking a mere 30-minutes to be properly and safely hypnotized online by Dr. Dean to end a disorder or make a meaningful self-improvement? Is it worth a modest, one-time donation to receive a download of Dr. Dean’s 10-minute reinforcement hypnosis session to actually achieve meaningful, long-term or permanent self-improvement? Remember, we provide the hypnosis sessions you select. You are encouraged to experience them twice at no cost to you to decide if you like them. If you do (and most people love them), you can then donate what you can comfortably afford, which is truly a modest amount. You’ll then receive our download of a 10-minute reinforcement hypnotherapy session you need to assure you of a desired result.

Got questions? We have answers! Be informed. Click here to see the most asked and funniest questions and their answers. There’s amazing info to be had here, and, oh my, some of it is funny!

How do you know if our hypnotherapy session is done right? This is professional hypnotic therapy. It’s the real thing! Enjoying a hypnosis session online is just as effective as an  expensive private (in office) session in person with a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy except it’s easier and far more relaxing.

A complete hypnotherapy session can’t be done in five minutes. Allow approximately 30 relaxing minutes for instructions and  a complete, professional hypnotherapy session. We think you’ll like it. It’s a soothing, luxurious 30-minute experience.

Your doctor needs to have a brief word with you. Before you begin your hypnotherapy session, you’ll hear Dr. Dean spend a few moments  advising you on things you’ll want to know and do before the hypnosis session begins. He does this to assure you’ll enjoy a safe hypnotherapy session and achieve the results you desire. Listen carefully to all of Dr. Dean’s suggestions and follow them closely so your hypnosis therapy session will be completely successful.

Get ready. Immediately after listening to Dr. Dean’s advice, pause the audio so you can prepare for the session as directed. For instance, you may need to go to the bathroom before you start the session. You’ll need to be seated on a chair with a back and arms or lying down on a bed or sofa to be safely hypnotized. Finally, when you are ready, click to start the audio again. Dr. Dean’s free hypnosis session will then begin to hypnotize you to achieve the result for which the hypnotherapy session is indicated to accomplish.

Got 30 minutes? If so, select the hypnotherapy session you want on this website to begin your free hypnosis session online. If you can’t enjoy a hypnotherapy session of your choice now, bookmark this page and return to it when you can take your time to enjoy the hypnotherapy session you select.

Let’s do this!

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Self-Improvement Hypnosis online that's free.
4.7 out of 5

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Dr. Dean does not hypnotize patients to go on a weird, fad or rabbit food diet. Those don’t work permanently. What he does, with your permission and awareness, is hypnotize you so you both, together, can safely and gently access your subconscious mind. Then, with your permission and awareness, Dr. Dean installs proven, safe, weight loss hypnotic programming that causes you to walk, talk, think, act and behave like a person who is trim, healthy and attractive.

After that, weight reduction is a “want to” and not a “got to”. You stick with losing weight joyfully until you like what you see in a mirror. Will power is not needed.

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This weight loss hypnotherapy is natural, comfortable and a pleasant way to lose weight safely. And yes, the hypnotic programming administered to you by Dr. Dean is powerful enough to typically cause safe, rapid body fat reduction. You can look forward to to a 2 to 3 clothing size reduction in the next four to six weeks. We know, since 1993 over one-half million people have been provided weight loss hypnosis by Dr. Dean in private, group and online weight loss hypnosis sessions. Simply put, what he does for you works! Enjoy.

Self-Esteem Hypnosis

Happiness is not possible  without a high level of self-esteem; something many lack. Our doctors, using regression hypnotherapy, know the root cause of many psychological and physical disorders that cause bad health and dangerous behavior it’s a lack of self-esteem. 

When you observe people doing dangerous or harmful things to themselves such as driving crazy, risking their life, eating to much fattening food, not exercising, abusing alcohol, drugs, are depressed, sad, mess up relationships, look down on themselves, break the law, can’t keep a job, etc. you are seeing a subconscious mind with programming in it that is causing those problems.

Take yourself for instance. Ask yourself if you would feed a little child you love in such a manner it became obese? Would you make that child smoke cigarettes or do things that are dangerous? Of course not!. It’s a precious child you like and love. Now, honestly ask yourself, why are you doing things to yourself that are unhealthy, risky and/or dangerous? The answer is clear. You lack self- esteem.

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Deep inside, you don’t think very highly of yourself. You think there are things wrong with you which people look down on. Understand, in your subconscious mind, you are programmed to think and feel unacceptable to yourself and others and you behave that way.

Let’s stop your suffering. Let’s clear up negative thoughts and feelings so you will really feel good about yourself. Then life works! Dr. Dean will hypnotize you to access the negative programs that are causing your lack of self-esteem. and replace them with positive programming you’ll like that increases your self esteem to a healthy level. Then you’ll ethically like and love yourself.

You’ll feel good about you. Dr Dean will program your subconscious mind to put an end to your unhealthy, risky behavior. And, oh my, will you love life after that. Yeah, It’s that good! Click “I want my FREE session” here to to be hypnotized now by Dr. Dean on your  smartphone, tablet or computer to achieve real self-esteem. And yes, this self-esteem hypnosis session really is free with “no strings attached”. Enjoy!

4.7 out of 5
4.8 out of 5

Exercise Hypnosis

Your Free Online Exercise Motivation Hypnosis Session is only moments away!

Dr. Robert Dean, Ph.D., C.Hth. will be your Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy during this session. He will hypnotize you to be powerfully motivated to exercise.

You’ll crave 30-minutes of exercise daily, weather and circumstances permitting.

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Honestly, you’re going to really look forward to exercising like you never thought possible For many an enjoyable 30 minute walk is satisfying.

Others may enjoy a light workout with weights or on exercise machines. It’s up to you to select what you like. What matters is your remaining a “couch potato” is over with! You absolutely come alive! In a short period of time, you look and feel happier and clearly are healthier.

Exercising will be a “want to” and not a “got to”. You truly enjoy it and love the way it makes you feel while doing it.

After exercising, you’ll have a feeling of accomplishing what so many others never experience. Without any question, you’ll be amazed by the power and drive in your mind to safely and properly exercise.

You’ll find it remarkable how skillfully Dr. Dean ever so gently hypnotizes you to access your subconscious mind and how he install into it safe programming that has proven to cause powerful exercise motivation. It’s truly proven, “state-of-the-art” hypnotic programming. And remember, this sessions is a complete session and is absolutely free from any cost to you.  So, let’s get fit and feeling great. Let’s do this!

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Dr. Dean does not do what does not work. And, for the vast majority of people, quitting smoking “cold turkey” or using “old school” hypnosis, initially does not permanently work.

You probably have tried more than once to quit smoking and that’s why you are now here. We understand.

Now, let’s do this right. Do what has worked for over a quarter of a million people who experienced Dr. Deans Hypnosis to stop smoking.

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Dr. Dean’s stop smoking hypnotherapy is unique. It’s “state-of-the-art” in an amazing way. What he does is hypnotize you to walk, talk, think act and behave like a person who has never smoked!

Therefore, how can you quit something when you never did? Why would you think about something you never do? This eliminates the smoking habit and the need for willpower to not smoke. It really reduces initial wall crawling craving and stress caused by smoking cessation. You just don’t think about it. Why? Because you never did it!!!

For many patients, when someone offers them a cigarette, they blurt out with a big grin on their face, “no thanks! I never took it up!” And yes, Dr. Dean’s stop smoking hypnosis is that good and that powerful. So, let’s do this! To feel like and prefer to be a person who has never smoked, click here to experience Dr. Dean’s extremely successful stop smoking hypnosis.

For those who have tried to quit smoking, more than once, Dr. Dean suggests you select his Stop Smoking Hypnosis Sledge Hammer!

4.8 out of 5
4.8 out of 5

Stress Relief Hypnosis

You’re stressed out!  We get it! The truth is, stress is a common cause of many diseases, mental disorders, accidents, broken relationships, divorces, and, well you get our point.

Stress may be necessary in a serious emergency. Beyond that, you need to dump your stress pronto before it dumps you!  Alcohol, social and medical drugs, exercising until they want to drop only adds to acute, chronic stress. Others end up depressed and simply shut down. 

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We are New Life Clinics Charitable TrustTM. We are a free, online hypnosis clinic that operates “not-for-profit”. We have received public funding to provide free, professional, relief from stress and tension hypnotherapy. Our doctor does this online to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide from their smart phone, tablet or computer. Now, it’s your turn to receive this highly-effective stress relief hypnosis.

After experiencing this stress relief session you’ll feel better. Stress will be gone! You’ll truly enjoy the soothing feeling of deep relaxation. You become calm and content. It’s truly a lasting, wonderful, serene experience.

You get the best doctor to hypnotize you. He is Dr. Robert G. Dean, Ph.D., C.Hth. He is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy with over 30 years in practice. He will be the doctor that will administer to your relief from stress and tension hypnotherapy

You get only the best! Dr. Dean is the doctor who spent over a decade pioneering online hypnotherapy and perfected it to be as effective as a private hypnosis session in a hypnotherapist’s office.

And, yes! This safe, online stress relief hypnosis Dr. Dean administers to you really works! Over one-half million patients have successfully experienced this amazing hypnosis session with satisfying results.

You must try it. It’s truly amazing! Simply listen to this soothing stress relief session online from your smart phone, tablet or computer. Listen as directed, to assure yourself of a safe, satisfying result.

Note: If you plan to use or are now using our Stop Smoking Hypnosis session, this Stress Relief Hypnotherapy is ideal to use in tandem with it.

If you are ready, click “I want my FREE session” below to begin this wonderful stress relief hypnosis session now.  If you can’t enjoy this stress hypnosis session now, book mark this page and return to it when you have about 20 minutes to enjoy it.

Sleep Better Hypnosis

Being hypnotized to fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly is a soothing, luxurious experience. If you have restless nights or insomnia, the sleep hypnotherapy, experience is really an intelligent way to end your sleep deprivation. No sleeping pills or side effects. Best of all, it’s truly a free, professional, complete sleep hypnosis session to put you to sleep.

Simply click below to listen to Dr. Dean’s video to prepare yourself to be hypnotized to cause a full night of restful sleep. Then, when you are ready, go to bed and listen to his amazing hypnotherapy to sleep. It’s that easy. We are confident you’ll wake up after hours of restful sleep feeling completely refreshed and delighted with your free, sleep hypnosis experience. It really does hypnotize you into a deep soothing sleep and to stay asleep until you are fully rested and refreshed.

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Who’s behind this sleep hypnotherapy and who is paying for it if it’s free to me? This free, online, sleep hypnosis session is brought to you and paid for by New Life Clinics Charitable Trust™. They are a not-for-profit foundation. Since 1993 they have provided, nationwide, free hypnotherapy in group and online sessions to well over ONE MILLION people. They provide the most asked for hypnosis sessions for meaningful self-improvements.

Over 120,000 folks asked us for relief from insomnia to achieve a restful sleep, night after night. We responded by giving any sleep deprived adult the very best online sleep hypnotherapy session available. It just plain works, period! Now, you can experience that same hypnotherapy to put you to sleep. You must try it. It’s a wonderful experience.

When it’s bedtime, how do I get started to be hypnotized to sleep?

Okay, what do I do next?
● First, prepare yourself to be hypnotized to fall asleep. Click below to be briefed by Dr. Dean’s on his video. He will properly prepare you to be safely hypnotized to fall asleep.
● Next, set your listening device to turn off or go to sleep after the sleep hypnosis session is completed. The session takes about 32 minutes to complete.
However, you will fall asleep in just minutes and be sleeping while the remainder of the session is being narrated into your subconscious mind to finally end sleep deprivation.
● Finally, go to bed prepared to sleep. Place your smartphone, tablet or computer near your pillow so you can hear it clearly . Click where indicated below to begin your free Sleep Hypnosis session. Then, simply listen to Dr. Dean hypnotize you to fall asleep. It’s that easy. Important! Make sure the device you are listening from is NOT on or covered by a blanket or pillow. Doing so may cause your
device to overheat and catch fire!

Is hypnotherapy online as successful as a private office hypnotherapy session? Hypnosis, listened to online or from CDs, is just as effective as being put to sleep in a medical sleep center in person under the supervision of a medical doctor or Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. It is also as effective as being hypnotized in a private in office session by a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. However, it would not be safe to hypnotize you to fall asleep and stay asleep for 6 to 8 hours while sitting on a chair in front of your listening device. For your safety and comfort, listen to Dr. Dean’s sleep hypnotherapy session only while you are in bed prepared to fall asleep and the device you’re listening to is NOT covered by a pillow or blanket.

Your doctor’s sleep hypnosis session will put you to sleep quickly. If you follow Dr. Deans briefing, directions and suggestions before and during your sleep hypnosis session, you will fall asleep within minutes. While you are asleep, your doctor will install safe, proven, correct programming into your subconscious mind that keeps you asleep for a soothing night of restful sleep.

This sleep hypnosis is structured to be used anytime you can’t fall asleep. When it’s obvious you can’t fall asleep, simply listen to Dr. Dean’s sleep hypnotherapy to quickly fall asleep.

Tell me about my doctor.
Dr. Robert G. Dean, Ph.D., C.Hth. will be your doctor who will hypnotize you to sleep. He is a Doctor of Clinical  Hypnotherapy and a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

He has been in practice for over 30 years! He is the doctor who developed online hypnotherapy to work as effectively as a private in office hypnotherapy session.

When it comes to “state-of-the-art” hypnotherapy, Dr. Dean knows from where he speaks. You get only the best! You could not ask for a more experienced, qualified doctor to hypnotize you online to help you end insomnia or related sleep deprivation. He is New Life Clinics’ Chief Resident Hypnotherapist.

Is sleep hypnosis safe?
● Hypnosis to sleep has no bad or weird side effects like some tranquilizers and sleeping pills cause. When you awaken from every hypnosis session, you’ll be refreshed, aware, clear thinking and free from any sleep induced hangover.
● You cannot be made to do anything against your will before, during or after being hypnotized to sleep. So, you may be assured that hypnosis to sleep is the best and safest way to end your sleepless nights. Best of all, you will not have any need or desire to use alcoholic beverages, over the counter sleep substances, social or prescribed drugs to get a complete, restful night of sleep. It really is a comfortable and proven safe method to fall asleep naturally .
● You always can be awakened while in a state of sleep hypnosis. Should strange noises or disturbances occur, knocking on your your door, a doorbell rings, a telephone rings, a burglar or fire alarm goes off, someone is telling you to wake up or an alarm clock sounds, you will immediately awaken. Truly this is a very
safe sleep hypnosis you can trust.
● Your doctor’s sleep hypnotherapy is not habit forming. Use it as often as needed without concern of forming any addiction to it.
● There is no paperwork. No sleep center to go to. No doctor’s office visits. No hassles. No expensive, unhealthy sleeping pills. It’s safe and completely private. Best of all, there is no doctor’s bill.

Take your listening device to bed with you tonight and listen to Dr. Dean’s soothing sleep hypnosis session. It’s a luxurious experience every time you are hypnotized to fall asleep naturally.

Okay, we kept our promise. Your first sleep hypnosis session will be completely free with “no strings attached”. This is the only way for you to make sure you like it and it works for you. If Dr. Dean’s sleep hypnosis session helped you fall asleep, you should own it so you can be hypnotized by it, when and where needed to end your sleep deprivation. Therefore, we ask for modest support just one-time. Please make a one-time $20.00 donation. Your donation will help us to continue providing sleep hypnotherapy not only to you but many other folks who suffer from sleepless nights, too.

A portion of your donation will be used to help people who are in a world of hurt and just can’t help themselves. Not only will Dr. Dean’s sleep hypnosis help you to sleep like a baby, it will also leave a smile on your face. Why? Your donation, combined with many others really helps to end human suffering and save lives.

After you donate, you’ll immediately receive a receipt then to go to your email and download Dr. Dean’s sleep hypnosis session.

Hey, won’t it be nice to have this hypnosis administered to you from your own device when you start tossing and turning and can’t fall asleep.

That’s much better, faster, safer and healthier than prescribed sleeping pills and dragging the next day.

Finally, compare the one-time modest donation we suggested to the cost of filling a prescription for sleeping pills. Oh!, and don’t forget the cost to visit your doctor to get that prescription. Your modest donation is a bargain compared to the costs you incur to get other methods for relief from sleep deprivation.

Shortly before you go to bed, Click the button below to listen and watch Dr. Deans video to prepare you to be safely hypnotized to fall asleep .

After you are in bed and ready to be hypnotized to sleep.

Click “I want my  FREE session” button below to begin your FREE SLEEP HYPNOTHERAPY session.

(Please adjust the sound level on your device to hear Dr. Dean clearly)

4.8 out of 5

Meet Your Doctor

Dr. Robert Dean, Ph.D., C.Hth

Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy 

Dr. Dean is a Board Certified Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapist.  He has been in practice since 1989.  Since 1993, Dr. Dean and his staff of Hypnotherapists at New Life Clinics, have successfully hypnotized well over one million people in private, group, and online hypnosis sessions.  Dr. Dean is renowned for pioneering and perfecting successful hypnotherapy online.

We are highly endorsed and have amazing references!

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